Free Magazine Style WordPress Themes And More

Its been a really long time since I did by best WordPress theme series. In the last few months there seems to be a new trend catching up. Designers/bloggers seem to be focusing on Magazine style layouts for blogs. I can easily understand why people are attracted towards a Magazine style layout. A Magazine style layout gives more room to showcase content and advertisement, the normal blog layout has been used too often and has been overused. If you notice I tried a bit to incorporate a magazine style layout on my site but my focus was more on achieving a unique layout and to give more focus to the latest post. But lately I have realized that some of my best/quality posts have been buried among my rants and reviews. I was supposed to finish a redesign on this site on October 1st which also happens to be 6 months since I have been blogging. But if you noticed I have slowed down my blog posts. Hopefully before this years end I should have a spanking new design.

In case you haven’t read some of my previous posts in this series then take a look at the links below. I try to collect and present some of the best and beautiful looking Free WordPress themes and templates that I come across in the past month(s).

  1. Part-1 Top Ten Best Free WordPress Themes and Templates
  2. Part-2 Top Ten Best Free WordPress Themes and Templates
  3. Part-3 Top Best Beautiful WordPress Themes and Templates
  4. Part-4 Best Customizable Multiple Color Styles WordPress Themes
  5. Part-5 Best Three Column WordPress Themes And More

Lets Start with The Magazine Style Themes First.

Mimbo 2.0 Magazine Style Theme

I have featured this theme before but I would like to showcase it again since a new and better version of the theme is out.

Download The Mimbo Theme From Here

The Morning After

A beautiful clean and minimalist Magazine style layout.

Download The Morning After WordPress Template Here

Jello Wala Mello

A Dark Magazine style WordPress theme from Small Potato.

Download The Jello Walla Mello Magazine Style Theme From Here


A monotone Gray and Red Magazine style layout from Adii freelance Web Designer. The theme is based on Adii’s own blog theme.

Download The Theme From Here

Trevilian Way

Super Clean Minimalistic Theme I don’t expect everyone to like this theme but it caught my eye.

Download Theme From Here

Pink For October Themes

Two beautiful WordPress theme for Pink For October to Bring attention to breast cancer awareness.

PFO Stripes

PFO Corporate

Download These Themes From Here

EXT WordPress Theme

This theme based on the EXT Javascript Framework it looks and feels pretty slick.

Download The Theme From Here


Another Beautiful Theme from DezinerFolio

Download Theme Here

Smashing Theme

A Smashing Theme from Smashing Magazine.

Download Theme Here

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Thanks for the feature Arpit! :) Some nice themes in that list… And good luck with the redesign!

@adii your welcome, sorry about not replying to your mail been very busy these days.

Thanks for the mention, Arpit. I was just about to post on this subject — the evolution of traditional blog layouts to magazine/news/cms layouts, and why people are expecting more from their WP themes these days.

@Darren you are welcome. I agree I think in the coming year I expect most blogs to make a transition from the traditional layout to a magazine/news/cms layouts.

Cool Arpit. I love these posts since I then don’t have to look around the web to find new themes. I don’t have much time myself atm to make my own and I’m still on the lookout for one that I really like :)

Nice themes, my pick is Marine and Mimbo.

The EXTJs theme is the real deal : )

I tried it in my WP dir for a while tested it out – it was fun while it lasted.

Sure changes the way we think of WP-Themes !

Good to see one of these posts again!

I really enjoyed The Morning After-theme. Great finds again Arpit :-)

Wonderful list.
I really like Ajax theme.

hey arpit,
I am new to wordpress. can I download these templates and update in my CSS design(and I don’t know CSS too). If not how can I do it?

as usual.. great lists of themes

roffi » thanks roffi

nice list, but are they comaptible with wp mu?

I was searching for some good Wp themes and saw your post . You have collected nice themes . I have also collected few ones and hope you will like them too . Free WordPress Magazine Themes

Awesome themes. Your work is much appreciated.

Muito legal os temas acima, vou fazer o download de alguns e testar no meu blog o

ashaiman. ashaiman #2 prim school p o box as 19. 0233. w/a. ghana

hm, now this i just use blogspot engine
are there available to blogspot engine too ?

Great theme and thanks for your free themes magazine!