Yes WordPress Is Blog Not A CMS Get Over It

I’ll repeat it WordPress is not a CMS, its a Blog. Its a different issue that it is flexible enough to be used as a CMS. The reason I am using it is because I want a blog not a CMS and I love it because because its the best Blogging software out there. If you want a example of CMS Software then checkout Joomla or Drupal I fail to see what all the brouhaha is about. So we have a small time competing product built on Microsoft technology marketing itself as better than WordPress anything wrong with that? pointing to C-NET, the New York Times, Ford as examples is inaccurate, they use WordPress mostly for their blogs and do you think they are running the default WordPress setup? The codebase might be WordPress but they would have hired a bunch of developers to modify WordPress and extend it. I read through Graffiti’s marketing pitch and I don’t find anything overtly offensive or controversial with regard to WordPress.

Of course Graffiti is built on .NET and truth be told any good developer can make either PHP or ASP.NET code perform. However, we think there are more long-term advantages in Microsoft’s platform and better tools. So for developers familiar with ASP.NET its full power and capability are available to you.

Those are the words from their site. They don’t seem to bashing PHP directly or too much.

I particularly like the comment below by Ian

Hello folks, greetings from “the dark side”!

I have never tried WordPress but at first glance it appears to be fond of MySQL and PHP, both of which make my stomach turn.

Are you suggesting that I should migrate across to an unfamiliar platform in deference to using a solution which runs on my favoured “stack” of Windows, SQL Server, and ASP.NET? Or are you just taking issue with their advertising message? I’m not being facetious or rhetorical, I’m genuinely curious.
Personally speaking, I have found this early beta release of Graffiti to be an excellent CMS platform and more than adequate for my requirements of a personal blogging platform on the MS stack.

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So would anyone like to point out to me how PHP is technically better than ASP.NET. Both Technologies have there advantages and disadvantages. The only reason why ASP.NET seems to be gets bashed is because it made by Microsoft.

It’s not about what platform you prefer to use (I’d rather slit my wrists than use IIS, ASP.NET, or SQL Server, for example), but about your approach to how to sell your product. The majority or websites on the ‘net today run on Linux boxes, usually running PHP and MySQL (or some other database solution and scripting methodology running on a *nix box of some sort), so to dismiss that vast amount of installed user bases and developers so simply and simply to state that one solution is better than another is to miss the whole point entirely.

Otto needs a reality check

Its not a religion people its just technologies. Shame on Matt for linking to a complete non-issue. WordPress is good at what it does but it can’t be everthing, there will always be people marketing themselves as better than WordPress.

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I recommended wordpress to all my clients, and installed/converted the site I made for them into a wordpress theme. Just about all of them absolutely love it! And they don’t blog :D

@Nouman-Saleem WordPress is pretty flexible. Its works fine for sites that are maintained by few people and focuses mostly on content. But by default it is meant to work like a blog.

WordPress is a CMS, an extremely simple CMS but a CMS none the less. All a blog is is a simple website that uses a CMS to create content chronologically.

I never intended to reignite any debate about whether WordPress is, or is not, a CMS. I was objecting to what I thought was dirty advertising.

If Graffiti wants to market itself to businesses wishing to distance themselves from LAMP and WordPress, they’d do better to realize purchasing ‘WordPress’ as an adword would likely yield devoted followers rather than disgruntled users and tailor their message as such.

If I were them, I’d simply write ad copy that says, “Graffiti offers a better CMS alternative” or “Graffiti is a better CMS. Find out why!” and tease people to click the link. The way they chose was to pick a fight, and then act surprised when loyal WordPress users respond accordingly.

Of course, it’s more than possible this was their intention all along, because I doubt more than a handful of people even knew they existed prior to yesterday. They should pay me for the advertising. ;)

@Charles Stricklin I respect your opinion but as far as I can see there are not doing anything wrong. Apple Ads bash Microsoft all the time. And your correct there is no such thing as bad publicity ;)

@Michael yes you are correct but like you say a really simple CMS.

With WordPress I manage & upload & publish text, files, images. I manage content. WP *is* a fucking CMS, after all these years I still don’t understand how people can say that “WP is not a CMS”.

@Ozh You are correct we do use WordPress to manage Content. Let see what the typical default features found in a CMS are.

  • Advanced ACL
  • Analysis, Tracking and Statistics
  • Logging and Reporting
  • Media Managment
  • Version control
  • News aggregator
  • Database independence
  • Forums
  • Caching
  • Emails
  • Polls
  • Displaying Static Content based On Sections
  • E-commerce and shopping cart engines

The reason why I went for such a sensational headline was to bring attention to the fact that the focus of WordPress is blogging and not creating web portals.

Do take a look at the links below.
drupal features
joomla Features

@Ozh: what are you doing here?!

Go and code please!



@J.P. Lol :D he makes great plugins. I am using his “Who sees ads” and “Absolute Comments”

I think that WP, can be used as a very simple CMS and it does not has that much support as much as Joomla Or Drupal can offer.

for users like me.. cms makes me dizzy.. i like wordpress better


Your reality check link within your post is broken.

thanks drmike I fixed the links.

if you think WP is a CMS.. please dont waste peoples time/bandwidth by posting your argument. youre wrong.

if it was a CMS then WP would market itself as such. its a blogging platform that can be customized to ‘fake’ a cms


wordpress, with his huge plugin database, can do evrything!!!

What reality check? Your graphs and Netcraft’s survey results back up my statements. Look at the data yourself, Apache is beating IIS by 20 million servers:

@Otto only 20 million servers ;) and I thought you said no one uses IIS and if you look at the graph there is a huge exponential peak for IIS servers.

WordPress makes for a great CMS for those who don’t know or have the time to learn joomla and droopal. I am not a developer but I do know WP which has allowed me to do so many CMS type things that I couldn’t have other wise.

Arpit: Where, exactly, did I say “no one uses IIS”? Because it’s not on this page, or any of the ones you linked to.

*I* do not use IIS. I would never use IIS. I would quit a job instead of installing IIS. But to say that nobody uses it would be silly, because clearly that’s not true.

@Otto This is an old post. I was trying to have a healthy discussion that IIS is very much relevant and is widely used as much as Apache. Sorry if there has been any misunderstanding. I am closing comments.