Wow Apple Releases Safari Browser For Windows

Most people would say what’s the big deal with Apple Releasing their Safari Browser For Windows when there are hundreds of other browsers out there. But this is exciting news for all web developers and Web Designers out there, for people developing Cross Browser Websites built on Web Standards. Now it has becomes even more easier to develop Websites for Mac users without having to own an expensive Mac.

Not only is Safari a much better browsers in terms of support for Web standards, it is also a light and fast browser. The only competitor to safari when it comes to speed and execution is the Opera browser. According to Apple safari is

  1. Blazing Performance
  2. Elegant User Interface
  3. Easy Bookmarks
  4. Pop-up Blocking
  5. Inline Find
  6. Tabbed Browsing
  7. SnapBack
  8. Forms AutoFill
  9. Built-in RSS
  10. Resizable Text Fields
  11. Private Browsing
  12. Security

Application Startup Time (lower is better) According to Apple.
Safari On Windows Application
JavaScript Performance (lower is better) According to Apple.
Safari On Windows Javascript Performance
Html Performance (lower is better) According to Apple.
Safari On Windows Html Performance
While most of this seems like marketing there are a few things which are better on the Safari browser than any other browsers. I just downloaded the first thing I noticed was that it was significantly faster than IE and FireFox but to be fair to FireFox I had a number of extensions loaded up. The Next thing I noticed was that the text was crystal clear and used some sort of smoothening technique to make it looks crisp and sharp similar to ClearType Fonts Program for Windows XP I guess this wont be a issue in Vista since ClearType is inbuilt. While a few users faced some difficulties while installing and running Safari just remember its currently still a beta. My site looks way better on Safari than IE or FireFox. On the whole I am pretty impressed with the browser and no more trying to see how my Website looks like in Safari. I will still be sticking to FireFox, I can’t live without the extensions.

Clazh On Safari

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I just can’t wait to try out Safari. Oh I see.. the download is complete. Ciao :D

Yeah Me too Even before I put the post I downloaded it. Its nothing ground breaking for end users but for Web designers its a god send. :)

You’re right. That text smoothness thing is really cool!

This is really Good news. I have already downloaded. Writing a post on this

Ditto were my reactions. However,
1. It’s crashing when used behind an ISA server. I (and I guess a lot others too) have submitted the bug report.
2. It’s broken. ( ) :((

That doesn’t mean I am done with my excitement.
Apart from all the performance promises that every browser makes; the best part, IMHO, is that now I (and all other web developers deprived of a Mac) would be able to check my site’s compatability on Safari too.
Yippiee :P

@bipin Yeah its a big relief now that web designer can check their websites in Safari.
@nirmal, @shankar :)

Dude – I agree with everything here, except for “it’s a light browser”. Hopefully it’s just the development release, however with just browsing through GMail, Google Reader,, the browser touched 388 MB and I kid you not!! Light – PUHLEEZE =P!

They better do something about this in the final release =)!

@guru er… yeah your are right I been reading abt it … I used it only for 5 mins didn’t do any heavy browsing with it. But it seemed very zippy the first time I used it.

And yeah… Doesn’t have multi monitor support =(
- GMail Chat is not supported
- There’s no Adblock Plus =|

Hmmm, apart from beautiful font rendering, it doesn’t really do much =|!

@guru like I said its nothing much for the end user but it useful for web designers who want to develop cross browser websites :D

Naah, but it looks awesome. I want it to work =|! :P!

Interesting news, but I don’t think I will download it. I am no web developer (Ask Arpit!). I’ll stick with Opera, FF, Flock and IE 7 ;)

@Dennis LOL :D

@ Guru:

…but it looks awesome. I want it to work…

Same here :D
Whatever be the implications, I want it to work.
I love options.

p.s. Great Onliner BTW: “I want it to work.”
Was it in some movie?

I don’t exactly remember. Has to be – there are very little original comments from my mouth. However when they do appear – they are beyond great – they are AWESOME!! =P!

Lol Guru as usual comes up with some witty narcissistic comments :D

Wow this is cool…good to see what your blog will look like on a mac. I will have to give it a try! Cheers.

Did you read these news by the way? :-/

Apparently there are several security issues with it already, but I guess there is that with every new browser.

@dennis yeah I saw that :D