WordPress Plugins To Combat Sploggers

Recently my friend Kanak’s website content was posted on a splog. Its really sad when people steal your content, which you took so much time and effort to sit and write down. I Introduced him to blogging a few months back and have been helping him out. I tried searching for some WordPress Plugins that would help combat these Sploggers. So far I found Three if you know of any other useful WordPress Plugins let me know.


The Plugin adds content to a feed. It is possible to configure the copyright message. You can use html. You can add the IP of a feed reader and digital fingerprint for an explicit key. There can also be a domain name for a whitelist and this domains became not the message. The plugin search for this key at content theft. It is furthermore possible to add comments and related posts to the feed. For the related post feature it uses a database-search for the content. You can use the plugin “Simple Tagging” for related posts in a feed. The copyright notice can be added even when using entry excerpts.

Download Link Here

Better Feed

Your feed, on steroids : add a custom footer to RSS items with, for example, a copyright notice, a “Read More (400 words)” links, an “Add to del.icio.us” link, a list of related entries. Improve connectivity between your feed and your site.

Download Link Here

Feed Footer WordPress Plugin.

Feed Footer is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add footers under all your blog posts in your RSS feed. With this nifty plugin, you can:

  • Copyright Your Feed! Add copyright notices under all your Blog Posts in the RSS feed
  • HTML Enabled Footers. Any HTML code can be shown in your footers! You can snazzy up your footers with banners and images! You can make your text bold or italics or underlined.
  • No Word or Line Limit. Your footer ads and notices could be 200 lines long if you so desire!

Download link here

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Thanks for this buddy !! I really needed it :) . Actually i think the guy just copied and pasted my html code. Moreover, i wonder he copied everything in the post other than the source link. Gosh !! I think I really need to do something. :( …

I did not know that you can add custom footer into your feed. that’s great!

Will give those a shot!


Will those work with feedburner?

@kanak your welcome

@david yes it will work with feedburner.

@Clazh: I think i need to get me one of these above. Hmmm (*ponders away*)

Great article! A few things to add though.

First, Copyfeed actually does much more than listed. It can also be used to blacklist scrapers by adding the IP address of scrapers to the feed they steal and then banning that IP. It’s probably the most powerful scraping prevention tool too.

One plugin to add would be MaxPower’s Digital Fingerprint plugin. It adds a digital fingerprint to each RSS feed and enables easy searching of it. Yes, Copyfeed has this capability built in, but it is a backup worth noting since some have had trouble using Copyfeed in conjunction with FeedBurner.

Speaking of FB all should work with it but Copyfeed will obviously have some of its coolest features limited. If you want to stop scraping of your FB feed, contact the FB support team and they’ll help you out.

Hope that helps!

Yea… this stuff has become a big issue. A few of my articles too were stolen… but I was helpless.

Jonathan thanks for the info I’ll update the article. By the way you have great blog :)

Glad I could help and especially glad you like the site! Let me know if I can help in any way.

I agreee with you many people steel content some time orginally content holder earn more $ by proving full feed and there place ads on the feeds

I just found my first splogged post. I had to laugh because it copied the copyright notice in my footer into the rehashed post.