WordPress News 2.2.1 RC, 2.3 New Feature And WPzipper Update

WordPress 2.2.1 Release Candidate is currently available for download. WordPress 2.2 has a few bugs and security issues. Give 2.2.1 Release Candidate a test drive and help the WordPress developers release a more stable WordPress.

There is a new feature in WordPress 2.3 Called Pending Review. This feature adds a “Submit for Review” Button for people logged in as Contributors on a WordPress Blog. This has been done to avoid confusion between a Draft in Progress and a Draft Ready For Review. The Administrator will be provided with a list of Drafts(Admins Draft), Drafts Pending Review, and Other Drafts(Drafts by people other than the Admin). This feature will be extremely useful for multi-author blogs or for guest posting by authors on a blog. You can see the WordPress Roadmap to see when the next release of WordPress will take place, according to the roadmap it should be out sometime tomorrow, but I guess it all depends on the developers.

Austin has developed the first WordPress 2.3 Plugin for including categories in Tag Clouds. You’ll need to be running cutting edge WordPress 2.3 to use the Plugin.

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Finally WPzipper has been updated with the latest and with more Plugins and themes.

5 Responses

lol I haven’t even upgraded to WordPress 2.2 yet let alone the talks for WP 2.3 are already on the show.

For me upgrading wordpress is one big pain in the ass :P

@dj flush … Same here .. I also havnt upgraded yet. lol

@DjFlush @Kanak you guys really need to upgrade cos WordPress 2.1 has security flaws. its not so hard to upgrade.

Yeah, as Arpit said, you guys should upgrade soon. Security issues.

Thank you for the update, Arpit. I’m an upgrade-o-holic, so I’m tempted to upgrade, but I’d better wait until it is officially released.

If I had a test blog somewhere I would try it without hesitation. I really like the new draft feature.