WordPress Launches Free Hosted Stats

The folks at WordPress.com just announced the launch of their Free Hosted Stats. I been hosted on WordPress.com for sometime about 3-4 months and I really liked their simple Statistics page which showed me all that I wanted to see about my blog. The WordPress guys have released a Plugin which you just need to activate you’ll also need the Free API Key to activate it. Though if you are using Akismet you can use the same key.

Andy Skelton wrote the plugin and has a detailed post on what the plugin does and how to use it.

How does it work?

The plugin adds a tiny image to your blog and that image is hosted on our servers. Every time your blog is viewed by a browser with javascript enabled, the browser downloads that image and we see a new line in our server logs. We then process the server logs and insert the data into a big MySQL database that we use to generate the lists and charts on your stats page.

What makes it fast?

When you run your own stats system, your blog server has to do a lot of extra work to track each visit. We take that load off your server to keep it snappy.

By serving the javascript from stats.wordpress.com, we take advantage of the browser cache so that no matter how many blogs are visited, the script is only loaded once per week.

Go download The Plugin Now