WordPress 2008 = Blog 2.0 Cool Future Features

Here’s a list of Future Features that you can expect in WordPress in the next year, Or maybe 2009.

  1. WordPress is evolving into a content management system.
  2. WordPress Plugins updates will be shown in your WordPress Administration Panels and will be linked to the database in the WordPress Plugin Directory.
  3. BackPress a library which will create an API that will expose core functions of WordPress (user system, login system, formatting, sanitization, script building).
  4. WordPress Caching Proxy (WPCP) something similar to the Wp-Cache2 Plugin.
  5. A new WordPress Administration Panel will be coming in the WordPress 2.4
  6. A built in API for using S3, Flickr, or other storage sites.
  7. Better localization of languages.
  8. Improvement of Akismet, particularly how it deals with comments when the Akismet server is unavailable.
  9. Improvements to the Visual Editor.
  10. Improved support for images, sounds (i.e., podcasts) and videos.
  11. Sandbox will likely to be included in the installed themes, unlikely as the default.
  12. Some sort of Tumblr functionality.
  13. “Asides” in the core.
  14. Handling storage be improved, especially for storing images, videos, and other multi-media on-site and off-site.
  15. Improvements in documentation on the in the next year with videos, screencasts, podcasts, and more.

Too Bad the Shuttle Project won’t make it in the core. I’ve been waiting more than a year for it to be implemented in the core. Liz Danzico of Happy Cog seems to be in charge of designing the new Admin Interface. Thanks to adam for the scoop.
What the New Administrative Panel will have.

  1. A modular dashboard like widgets.
  2. You’ll be able to use custom feeds in your dashboard.
  3. Comment Panel will be made like the Gmail interface, replying from within the admin interface.
  4. Photo management with a cleaner interface, and will be allowed you to select different sizes, and adjust settings.
  5. Ability to customize the menus of the Admin.
  6. Cleaning things up so that scheduling posts is cleaner and more intuitive.
  7. Widgets screen will be cleaned up.
  8. When you make a post, you’ll be returned to the manage posts page, rather than write a new post page.
  9. Consistency over all.

Source: Most of this stuff was stolen from lorelle wordcamp.info bloggingpro

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Number 2, 12 and 13 are my favourites on that list:-) I think it is especially about such features that facilitate the use and maintainment of a blog for just everybody, even for those with few knowledge of webdesigning. And to be informed about plugins directly from the admin panel is just a great advantage.

Other great post, congrats for your job.

These all sound like great features that will only improve a great piece of software. I will be interested to see how well the WPCP will work and if it causes any issues with particular plugins.

Thanks for sum it up.
1 2 6 10 12 13 14 are my fav

Gotta check out that Tumblr thing. Never heard of it before.

Seems like wordpress blog becoming a website rather than a blog for me.

i think the #2 is already there . i see it in my wp-2.3 Beta 2 .
although there are other features that i would love to see in my fav WP.
About the shuttle project ,it got me excited when they released photoshop makeovers of how it will look but ,the wait is jus painful now .

and great to see that you are from chennai too .I think i have seen you before .Did u attend podworks.in ?

Number 2, 6 and 12 are my favourites on that list