Windows Live Suite All Live Products in One?

Shufflestorm has found a interesting thing in the latest version of Window live messenger 8.5 beta if you look at the properties for the build (Right click the Exe file and Select Properties then select the version tab), it has been named as WLSuite.exe. Another interesting fact is all the three products i.e. Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Writer have been listed together for beta testing at Connect.

As shuffelstorm correctly infers that

  1. All three programs are communication tools (IM, Blogs, e-Mail)
  2. All three programs are being revamped to a new look (see Messenger 8.5)
  3. All three programs are listed as one beta on Microsoft connect.

This should be interesting, I find Windows Live Writer to a be excellent product. Microsoft has caused a lot of confusion while rebranding and debranding (if there is such a word) various products and services under the Windows Live banner, this seems to be a attempt to bring some of the core Live products under a single banner. Though I wonder how large the file size will be and if they will allow users to download individual packages or will it be a web based installer which will allow the users to select the packages of their choice to download.

The new look and feel that the Live Developers are giving to the Live products are pretty stunning. I have applied as a beta tester and hopefully will get to play with the beta versions soon.

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ALl three tools rock an and I’ll be very happy if they release it! :)

hi bro, nice blog. keep up the good info on blog

hey rishi yeah I agree all three of the products rock :D
@dzul thanks for that.