Window Live Launches Messenger Web Widget

The Window Live Messenger Team has launched a web based Messenger widget that can be embedded in blogs and website. This is similar to the widgets provided by and But unlike meebo and plugoo which are flash based this widget is javascript based. Using this widget even anonymous users who visit your blog can send you an IM which will pop-up in your Windows Live messenger. See the screen shots below. I have played around with the meebo and plugoo gadgets and personally feel they are very unproductive and a huge time waster if you install it on a site that gets lots of hits. I once installed it on my blog a really long time back and was constantly bombarded with IMs. While I did meet a few interesting readers most users are likely to abuse it.

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Yup its very cool i have already added it to my blog,i made a button myself which sits in the sidebar and the IM Control widget in the Chat Page ;)


I have been using meebome, plugoo and AIM WIMZI for sometimes. Now I will have to evaluate this new widget. very cool!

I have wrote a review between Plugoo and AIM WIMZI.
Do you communicate with your viewers? Plugoo vs AIM WIMZI


Terence Chang » yep its pretty slick but I wont be putting it here anytime.

Cool. Hey I had subscribed to the follow up comments to one of your articles but now I could not Unsubscribe.

it looks coo lwanna use it how do i get it?? lol