WikiMapia The User Driven Google Maps Mashup

I have always been impressed with Google maps. The amazing use of Ajax with real-time zooming of maps and places. Though I been a bit envious of the US because they get detailed maps with names of places, roads etc marked out and shown on it. Unfortunately for people like me living in India and other countries this Information is not available we have to do with the Satellite images.

This is where WikiMapia created by Alexandre Koriakine and Evgeniy Saveliev can help, its a mashup which uses the Google maps API . In the case of wikimapia it combines both the service of a User Driven Content like a Wiki and Google maps. Though it won’t be 100% accurate it is still pretty reliable, an example of user driven content is the Wikipedia itself. This Web Service is a great hit especially in India though people have taken it to the extent of marking out their homes. If you can’t find your house or place on the map you can add the place freely, it get immediately updated on the website. I was simply wowed by how detailed the number of places were. The more I zoomed in the more places popuped up. In fact I found that my house was already marked out.

You can even Embed the Maps on your webpages if you want. Pretty useful if you want to show someone else the way to a certain place.

How to add Maps to your blog or Webpage.

1) Go anywhere on the site and find the part or area on the map that you would like to show.
2) Click WikiMapia at the top right corner and choose map on your page link.
3) Move and resize frame you see to desired view, adjust view setting if needed and copy the given html code to your page or blog.

Example Show below of Taj Mahal

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