Wicked Cool Documentation Manual Inside Habari

I just downloaded Habari Developer Preview 2. For people who don’t know what Habari is, it’s a new Blogging Platform being developed by some Ex-WordPress developers who felt the need to create something more innovative and cutting edge than WordPress. I been keeping a watch over this project since it has number of really cool people working on it and one designer whose work I admire Khaled (same guy who gave us the shuttle project, which is being slowly implemented in WordPress). So far I haven’t seen anything significant that makes me go WOW since more of work has been done on the core, I found the installation Process faster and Simpler than WordPress. But one thing that made me go wow was the Documentation Manual Inside Habari. The documentation is far from complete but it works great. They have decided to use tiddlywiki.

TiddlyWiki is a complete wiki in a single HTML file. It contains the entire text of the wiki, and all the JavaScript, CSS and HTML goodness to be able to display it, and let you edit it or search it. Without needing a server.

Checkout the demo here. http://www.tiddlywiki.com/ We need to have something like this for WordPress too I am tired of hunting around in the Codex. Plus its blazing fast.

4 Responses

Wow Shuttle looks pretty cool :)

@kasper yeah it is too bad its not been fully implemented in the core. Its been more than a year since it was launched, looks like people have forgotten about this or are not bothered.

some of the posts coming out of wordcamp sound like matt has hired happycog to redesign the wordpress dashboard, so it looks like shuttle is truly dead.

i’m looking forward to habari as well. the documentation is definately a “wow” feature for me, as well as the much more open development model.

@adam wow that’s kinda really sad. I been waiting for more than year for this to go into the core.

Yeah that tiddlywiki is really cool stuff.