Why Virtualization Is The Future

Intel and other chip makers are moving towards multi-core architectures which means you can run each OS on a single core. In the coming years most people won’t be satisfied with running a single OS, they would like to have the best of both worlds. As a web designer I need to check my website on different web browsers and platforms, virtualization gives me an easy way to deal with this. Another use of virtualization is that people can use the a virtual OS to surf and use the Internet or install and test out new softwares without worrying about cluttering and infecting their computers with spyware or viruses . Intel Capital took a $218.5 million stake in virtualization company VMWare. It will interesting to see what comes out of this. I run both Ubuntu and a trial version on Vista on Vmware, wish I could run MACOSX too (you can run a MACOSX on vmware but its illegal, google for OSX86 to find out more) Though thankfully Apple released Safari for windows recently. I guess by the time leopard is out Safari too will be out of beta for windows.

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