Why My Mom And Dad Don’t Get It

Check this post here by the so called usability Guru Jakob Nielsen on his website (I refuse to call it a blog, if you can’t comment then its not a blog) were he is typically saying blogging sucks. Lately he’s either been out of touch or he is getting too old. My dad can’t understand what a blog is or why I spend so much time after coming back home from work even though I am tired. My mom once saw my Orkut profile and she asked me if it was my Website. I think Jakob Nielsen belongs to the same generation. Sure he was once a respected usability guru. But if he writes any more silly articles like the one above I might have to label him an old Grandpa.

I like Scoble’s parodical post making fun of Jakob’s article.

1. Don’t do quick posts like Scoble.
2. Don’t risk being an idiot like Scoble.
3. Don’t put comments on your idiocy like Scoble.
4. Don’t link to other idiots like Scoble.
5. If you want to seem like you know something, unlike Scoble, write long ass white papers with lots of charts.
6. Don’t have fun like that idiot Scoble.
7. Don’t you dare put pictures of cats or babies or other personal details up like Scoble does.
8. Don’t add Web 2.0 mechanisms to your Web site like Scoble does. Definitely no “del.icio.us” or “Digg” voting graphics.
9. Don’t get caught dead inside an Apple store like Scoble does.
10. Don’t give Fake Steve or Valleywag a reason to deride you like Scoble does.
11. Definitely don’t get close to Twitter/Jaiku/Pownce/Facebook like Scoble does. If you can say it in 140 characters you shouldn’t say it at all.

I will say this, it’s amazing that we’re listening to a guy who has an uglier Web site than I do.

By the way talking of usability the new Flock website sucks and for the Anti-myspace , designers and music loving crowed check out 10 Most Beautiful Social Networks

4 Responses

I was wondering what your opinion is about the “blog” of Marc Andreessen (http://blog.pmarca.com/2007/07/comments-trackb.html) Also of interest, Robert Scoble’s reaction (http://scobleizer.com/2007/07/10/welcome-to-marc-andreessens-comments/) Is it a blog or not, he closed his comments…

Hmm, are you Fake Steve?

@Jaap I call it a personal diary :) if you can’t comment and discuss its not a blog in my opinion.

@NotSteve Na I prefer being myself :)

As a fellow Dane I’ve always been proud of Jakob Nielsen and his success. Unfortunately he still lives in the HTML-ages ;) He hasn’t updated his usability theory since the late 90′s.

Jakob, kom igang. Du er bagud!