Why Is Microsoft So Coy About Service Pack 1 For Vista?

The Microsoft has claimed a number of times that there won’t be a Service Pack for Windows Vista. But we have seen evidence of it again and again. In the latest goof up at Redmond they published a beta version of Service pack 1 for Vista on Microsoft’s Official download site. Long Zheng was the first to find this. I personally don’t understand why Microsoft wants to keep it such a big secret. Some bloggers are getting a bit annoyed and angry. Does Service pack for Vista have some hidden features or technology ? While doing things in stealth mode works well for Apple it has the opposite effect in the case of Microsoft.

I love this extremely hilarious Post with Pictures by Long Titled the Microtrix. If you have watched the Matrix movie you’ll have a good laugh.

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“Windows Automated Installation Kit Documentation (Windows Server code named “Longhorn” Beta 3 & Windows Vista SP1)” Now if that isn’t foolproof evidence of SP1 I don’t know ;)

yeah :P pretty silly of microsoft