Who Sees Ads An Interesting WordPress Plugin

The WordPress Plugin Competition is in full swing. I found an interesting Plugin by OZ called Who Sees Ads.

The Plugin Aims to do the following things.

  • don’t serve ads to your fans (returning readers)
  • serve ads to people coming for the first time
  • serve ads to people coming from a search engine result page
  • serve ads on old posts, turn them off in fresh content

While I think its great that people can make money from blogs as a web designer I feel a bit uncomfortable about putting ads on my blog since it interferes with the design and layout. If you have noticed I have not but any ads on the homepage except for textlinkads. I believe this Plugin has great potential and I am really looking forward to it being released. This plugin is a great way to reward your regular readers with an ad free blog content.
The admin interface is very intuitive, it has a drag and drop interface to manage the various settings and rules.

Who sees Ads WordPress Plugin

2 Responses

Actually, the plugin does not do what you mention (serving ads to newcomers, to SE visitors, etc…) What it does is allowing to pick one or any of these rules, on a per ad basis. It gives you full control over your ads displaying.

As for not serving ads because they interfere with the design, I once had the same feeling, then I started to think the other way round: considering ads as *part* of the design, not as something you ad afterwards. Suddenly they became much more elegantly implemented :)

@ozh I am confused?? thats what I meant you select the rules and the ads are shown based on the rules right.

considering ads as *part* of the design, not as something you ad afterwards

thats a nice way of looking at it. Maybe next time I design my theme I’ll keep the ads placement in mind. :D