White iPhone 4 Release Date

After all the rumors and leaked screen shots from a number of retailers, shoppers, customers and Apple Employees world wide. Apple has finally started offering the long awaited White iPhone 4 for sale from today, i.e April 27th. Apple had reported that White iPhone had been delayed due to some manufacturing defect and had said that they’ll be available for sale from this spring. Without any specify details on when these White iPhone 4 would be released. Currently it is not clear as to which carrier, services etc will offer the white iPhone for sale.

The final version of the white iPhone 4 has a redesigned proximity sensor area on the front panel, utilizing a relatively large, lozenge-shaped area above the earpiece as opposed to the grille of small holes seen in early designs.

Belgium seems to be the first country to start selling these white iPhone 4, to be more specify a belgium Apple retailer, they’re are selling you either the 16GB or 32GB.

One theory that a few analysts have put forward is that Apple purposely delayed the launch of the White iPhone Phones to bridge the gap between the launches of the original iPhone 4, the Verizon iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5.

Apple will see a huge incremental boost of iPhone sales around the world especially in Asian countries like, China where the White iPhone sell like hot cup cakes. Since China is a growing market for Apple and accounts for 10 percent of Apple’s total revenue over the past six months.

White iPhoneWhite iPhone


White iPhone BacksideWhite iPhone Backside

Image credit : http://www.techcrunch.com

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i think the new white iphone 4 is more beautiful than the black!