What’s New in WordPress 2.3

Looks like the WordPress developers are sticking to their promise of more releases in shorter time periods. Boren has post on what’s inside the trunk for WordPress 2.3 so far.

What’s New in WordPress 2.3

  • A new Tagging system similar to the Ultimate Tag Warrior WordPress Plugin.
  • Link and Post Categories have been separated.
  • Post and page management Administration has been improved with the introduction of Filters. See it here
  • All the JavaScript Libraries included in WordPress have been updated to the latest versions.
  • The files in WP-Admin have been reorganized and Code formatting and style is also being cleaned up.
2 Responses

I can’t wait too long for new WordPress ;)

if you really cant wait for 2.3 then why not download beta RC2. Its out. Have to warn you tho, i’v run into some minor php errors as well as some theme incapability. Other then that its almost good..