What can YOU do for India (Inspirational video)

Update: Corrected the date when this campaign was started. Thanks to gurupanguji

Ask not what India can do for but ask what you can do for India.

Thanks to Bipin who sent me the video by mail. I quickly googled it and found that these are part of campaign that was started by Times Of India (A National Newspaper in India) on the  Aug 15th 2007 called “LEAD INDIA” and “INDIA POISED”. Check out the official sites for Lead India here and for India Poised here.

I watched the video more than 5 times.


Here are a few more. I especially like the first one by Amitabh Bachan.




In case you are wondering about the music its by Shankar Ehsaan Loy


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Correction mon ami. The campaign was started on the 15th of August, 2007! :D!!

call me a pathetic pessimist, but these videos are good just for a showcase purpose. No matter how much inspirational videos or movies come into picture, nothing is going to change. Unless something is done about the corrupt politicians, no movement will be successful. A coalition government can never work with a zeal to make a change. Richer is getting richer and poorer more poor. People are ready to support, but the step should come from the real power holders. It was the same case when the highly popular movie “Rang De Basanti” came out starring aamir khan. Most of us might not be even aware of the party formed by the 5 iitans who left high paying jobs to serve the country. Party named lok paritran came out with a thought of making the change. But what happened, all the candidates lost miserably in Tamil Nadu election. India got resources, but no one to take care of it. Common man struggle for daily bread, pay tax by modifying his monthly budget, still he doesnt get good roads , proper hygiene , sanitation facilities, and a gurantee for a bright future of his children. So is India really progressing ???

Awesome videos arpit…and kanak…before blaming the corrupt politicians,first think about yourself…how many times you haven’t bribed a traffic policeman to let you go when you have broken a law…how many times you haven’t bribed a gov official to get you a licence or a ration card or anything else…and there can be numerous other examples when you have been corrupt just to make things go faster for you….so stop cribbing and start doing something good…something better …for India

@guru thanks I corrected the date.
@Kanak @Abhijeet I kind of agree with both of you. But like abhijeet says we need to do our part first before complaining about others. lets start with small things.

Uh! It came as a suprise :)

Alas! I wish you could get to the theme of the campaign.
In case you didn’t get it, which is pretty apparent, it just focuses on one thing, “perform your duty, no matter you succeed or fail”.
Heard of the poetry by Majrooh Sultanpuri?
Main Akela hi chala tha Jani-be-Manzil magar,
Log saath aate gaye, Karvan banta gaya.

I am honestly fed up of listening about corrupt politician talk. When I am not following my personal duties (which has least to do with me being non-corrupt), I don’t have ANY right to blame ANY one.
Just one of the several questions I’d like to ask, have you guys ever voted?

…and by the I didn’t like Rang De Basanti. My very old take on the movie (on my other blog).

@Bipin 3~ Upadhyay

I haven’t done it yet. I applied for the voters ID recently. will be surely voting :)

@abhijeet , @bipin
thats one attitude I have noticed with most of us. We get inspired very easily and then forget things as fast as possible. I think you didnt understand my concept for corrupt politicians and giving the example of iitians loosing the election campaign, its all about that people are not ready for change.
Well you might be tired hearing about the politicians, might be because its a reality. I stay in Dubai, and the kind of development it has gone thru in 36 years, some countries are not able to achive in 100 years. Its was all result of the far sighted vision of the Dubai ruler,coz he had the power of making things happen.
about voting, i dont vote coz I dont have a voter id card which is under process but my parents do and they encourage others to. May be this time i might get and then I will be able to vote thru indian embassy.
What personal responsibilities are you talking about?? Yeah I do pay tax on time. I pay water , electricity , telephone bill on time. I pay fine for speeding over 80kmph on Delhi noida 4 lane road. I try to repair the road to my house which again turns the same after a month. I give my car to the garage coz the monthly maintainance fees gets so high coz of the one KM stoney and bumpy road to my house. There are lots of other things but still do i get a secure future ???
Being a working class , we can participate and extend full support to the such kind of campaign. But my question is will things actually change ?? or are things actually changing ???


Much as we are not ready to change Kanak, it’s easy for us to talk about not changing. =(! Sadly, the day that changes, only then can we even hope to become better. However, unless each one of us strives to make that change within us, we are not going to get ahead.

Simple q: When you are in India, how much of the traffic rules do you follow and how much of it do you follow when you are outside the country?

The change has to be first from within (I am not pointing fingers =D)

pessimistic people rules

Roffi: If you pointed towards Kanak, I’d personally like to differ. He isn’t pessimistic. He’s way too realistic (no pun or disregard intended towards anyone).
Yes! I agree with him when he says that “…one attitude I have noticed with most of us. We get inspired very easily and then forget things as fast as possible…”.
There was surge of this inspirational when RDB was released (you’ll know if you are Indian), and at several other such events.

The point is there is nothing wrong with getting inspired. Even if 1 out 100 inspired individuals retains it and sets out, I’d satisfied.
I haven’t given up yet on humanity yet, you see. :)