Video Of Apple iPod 6G Interface – Fake Or Real?

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Apple will most likely release the next revision of the Video iPods around August 7th. Sources indicate that these video iPods will be almost one inch shorter and about a quarter of an inch wider viewing appearance than current models. The space between the screen and the click wheel is removed to make room to the slightly larger screen, but the design overhaul doesn’t stop here. The region between the click wheel and the bottom of the iPod is removed too.

Some sources have also indicated that the Black Matte version of the Video iPod will also be “less shiny and more MacBooky”. Personally I think this sounds a bit like the Creative Zen Vision:M I recently purchased, but I’m sure iPod fans doesn’t agree with me on this.

The design revision of the iPod isn’t the most interesting buzz about Apple products this week. A video showing the new interface on the 6th generation iPod has surfaced. It was revealed on MacRumors Forum, but Apple quickly released the hounds err…lawyers and it was quickly taken down. The video can still be found on YouTube though, but due to inaccuracies in one of the Beatles albums shown in the video, most think it’s a fake.

Question is though, why did Apple react? Is it showing a grain of truth after all? iPod fans are already speculating if the click wheel will be removed and replaced by a touch screen known from the iPhone. Others think it will have WiFi, camera or Bluetooth, while some think the click wheel will prevail since Apple doesn’t want to compete with the iPhone. I’m pretty sure we’ll see the touch screen, probably not in the 6th generation, but then surely in the 7th generation iPod.

What would you like to see in the next generation of iPod? Do you think the video is real or fake? Is the touch screen reserved for the iPhone only or should it be on iPods as well?

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As of this comment, the video has been taken down from YouTube(Apple’s hounds move quickly).
But anyway, if the 6G iPod is anything like iPhone(minus the phone and low storage capacity), than I’m sure that I, as well as many other iPod owners, will be very happy to update our collection.

That’s what I think is strange. Why are they so interested in removing this video? Could there be a little truth in it? ;)

the video is avaible for download at the pirate bay