Use Free Virtualization Softwares To Run Mutliple OS’s

Virtualisation has come a long way in the last year. Last year the internet was buzzing and hyped up when a hacker named Maxxus managed to run a Mac OSX inside Windows Xp using Vmware. Virtualisation is picking up since people don’t seem to be satisfied with running a single OS on their machine. There are now quite a few Softwares that are freely available that you can use to run any OS in any OS. One Advantage of virtual machines is that the user doesn’t have to shut down his host Operating System to login into any other Operating System of his Choice. The Most widely used system for installing multiple OS’s on a single machine till now has been to install the Os’s in separate partitions and multiple boot.


You need a system with at least 2 GHZ and 512MB of Ram to be able to run Virtual Machines comfortably otherwise the Virtual Machines might run to slow. It is recommended you have around 1 GB of Ram.

The list of Free virtualization Softwares.

  1. Virtual PC 2007 (Windows and Mac Only)
  2. Vmware (Windows, Linux Only, Mac Version is currently under development)
  3. VirtualBox (Opensource Windows and Linux Only )
  4. XenSource (Opensource and Linux Only)

Of these the most Popular is Vmware for the Windows and linux Platforms.

Vmware even Provides a list of prebuilt Vmware Images that you can download directly from their website and use on your Operating System.

Running multiple Os’s is help to web designers since they can easily check how their websites render on different browsers and Operating systems.

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