Upgraded To WordPress 2.3

I have upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.3 I was reluctant to upgrade since I was using a lot of features and functions from the Ultimate Tag Warrior Plugin in my theme. Today I sat and cleaned up my theme code and tested it out. If you come across any bugs let me know. Do you any of you have any suggestion to which Plugin I should use for tag management? Two features in WordPress 2.3 that I really love are the Automatic Plugin Upgrade Advisor and Canonical URLS. I’ll be polishing and upgrading the site and my free themes in the coming days.


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Arpit, I’m currently using Advanced Tag Entry Plugin for tag management. I find it good so far. It allows you to add existing tags to the post, edit them, insert new tags and delete unused tags.

@Nick, @Benedict thanks a lot for the suggestions.

Wow I like the look of Simple Tags. I think I’ll go with that. thanks Nick

Hi Aprit, I really love your current theme which displays a few recent entries. It looks so good and I would like to use this theme for my travelblog if possible. Is this theme downloadable? Thanks a lot. :)

Good looking blog. just discoverd… :)
Get going. Best wishes.

Very nice design! Is it available for download anywhere?

You really have an amazing design, Good that u made an upgrade.

Ever since I upgraded, I can neither add nor delete categories. :-( Nobody seems to be discussing this issue. Any ideas as to how to fix this bug would be appreciated. Thanks.

@Jenn I haven’t faced any issues after upgrading. You could try the wordpress.org forums for help.

I’m searching a wordpress plugin to create related-post feature, can you give me any links, or resources..?