Unlimited Free International Calls & SMS After Activating Google Voice Outside US

Google Voice is a service that google provides in the US using which you can call any one for free in the US & Canada, but for people who are not in the US cannot use this service, I have outlined a workaround below to activate you google voice account outside the US or Canada. There are a couple of softwares you need before you can starting making free unlimited international Calls to the US & canada, or to send free SMS to any country in the world.

  1. You need a Google Voice Invite, there are only two ways to get this, either you get someone who already has a Google Voice to invite you or apply for an invitation to Google Voice service here https://services.google.com/fb/forms/googlevoiceinvite
  2. Hotspot shield, to access the google voice service you need use a US Proxy Address, otherwise you’ll see a message saying “Thanks for visiting Google Voice. We are not yet open for users outside the US.” so get http://www.hotspotshield.com/ or any other proxy service whose IP address belongs to the US.
  3. A SIP Client, the workaround involves you getting a US number for which you need a SIP client. I suggest X-lite Download it from here http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite-download.html ( Note: download X-lite Beta 4 if you are using a Mac OSX since I had no luck configuring X-lite 3.0 on the Mac)

Getting A Free US Number

  • Register for a free account at iptel.org http://serweb.iptel.org/user/reg/index.php
  • Using the the info from iptel.org register an account at register for a free USA DID with Ipkall hereĀ http://phone.ipkall.com/ setting are given below.
    1. Choose your account type: SIP
    2. Choose Area Code for your IPKall Number: Choose Any Number
    3. SIP Phone number: Your iptel.org User ID
    4. SIP Proxy: sip.iptel.org
    5. Email Address: Your Email address
    6. Password: Enter a Password
    7. # of Seconds to ring before hanging up: 120
  • You’ll get a email with a US Number note this down.

Setting For Your SIP Client ( x-lite ) Using iptel.org

After downloading X-lite 3.0 or 4.0 Beta you need to set it up with your iptel.org the setting are given below

  1. Display Name: Whatever you want
  2. User Name: Your iptel.org user ID example: clazh
  3. Password: Your iptel.org Password
  4. Authorization User Name: Your Iptel.org User ID@iptel.org example: clazh@iptel.org
  5. Domain: iptel.org

If you have entered your SIP settings correctly then you should be able to see Ready/available on your X-lite Screen depending on which version you are using.

Xlite iptel.org Settings

Activating The Google Voice Service Outside The US

Make sure your X-lite client is running and SIP account is active before you try to activate your Google Voice Service

Run HotSpot Shield or whatever US proxy number you are using and log on to http://www.google.com/voice

1. The frist screen show you an option to choose any Google Voice US number of your choice. (You can’t change the number later so choose carefully)

Choose A Google Voice NumberChoose A Google Voice Number

2. You’ll be asked to choose a PIN to access your voice mail

Choose A Google Voice PINChoose A Google Voice PIN

3. You need to enter the US Phone number that IPKALL provided for you.

Enter A Forwarding Number (IPKall Number)Enter A Forwarding Number (IPKall Number)

4. The last step requires you to verify your IPKALL Number, make sure you have x-lite configured and running, now just click Call Me Now

Verify Google Voice Verify Google Voice

5. If you have configured your x-lite correctly it should now ring just enter the two digit number show into the dial pad.

Thats it you are done. You don’t need to use HotSpot Shield any more just log into Google Voice and dial any US number always make sure X-lite is running, since it acts as a proxy number, X-lite will ring just pick up the call and start talking.

You can find a full list of SIP Clients here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_SIP_software

if you are using the iPhone or android you can use Nimbuzz

Credit http://www.how-to-hide-ip.info/ for the Google Voice activation images.

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can you explain how to get this working on the iphone. i downloaded nimbuzz but it didnt have anywhere to add the info from iptel…any help would be sweet, thanks


U did the great thing. It is working so nice. thanks’

if I use google voice: when I make a call is what is needed for the program have his number on his phone too, or I can call it any number thank you. please send me googlevoice invitation on my mail hugs80@hotmail.com thanks 4 ur help n more.

great work friend. thanks a lot.

I have followed each and every step thoroughly but the outcome is

i get the google voice phone call to my xlite via ipkall number

but when i press the touch tone buttons it doesnt work also i checked
the DTMF and other setting in advanced config by dialing ***7469 but

nothing works out at the end of the day ..
any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.

Thanks for share!

IPKall doesn’t accept my iptel username as a valid SIP number. What should I do?

if your username is hello@iptel.org, do not enter the part in the quotes i.e. ‘@iptel.org’. Only enter ‘hello’ without quotes. It would work then.

When in the last step in the google voice i click on ‘Call me now’, nothing happens. My xlite is ON and in ready condition. Anyone knows what is the problem?

I followed every bit of instruction and when I got to the last part for me to have google call the x-lite phone with the iptel number provided to me, it did not call me.

What am I doing wrong? All my settings are correct (to my knowledge).

hi thank you for the information.
but every time i sign up for a number in ipKall and i try to put it in google voice for forwarding google tells me that ” This number is already being used on two other Google Voice accounts. Forwarding numbers cannot be shared across more than two accounts.” i tried twice.
do you have a solution for that please ?
thank you
Best regards

work for me perfectly at least. i can recieve a call, just cant send.

and by the way add proxy as :sip.iptel.org (it will work for you too XD

Very Simple Steps with Detailed information…
Configured and working fine…
Thanks Buddy..