Ultimate List of The Best Flickr Tools And Services

Today my brain as was buzzing with ideas, while Exploring the Flickr API (I have a few ideas for a new WordPress plugin), I decided to search the web too see the various ways in which people have or are using the Flickr API. I landed on the Flickr Services page that lists some of the best tools and services developed by the community members.

If you are a Flickr Fan you might want to go through this site “Flickr Services“. I didn’t have the patience to explore everything its just too vast.

Another site that you might like is flickrbits.com which looks like an up-to-date list of all Flickr tools and services.

The Yahoo Developer’s Network also lists a large number of services built on the Flickr API.

Happy Hunting hope you find something which you like. Let me know about it.

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