Top WordPress Blogs And Upcoming Indian Tech Blogs

Artur Kim has complied a list of Top Blogs that blog about WordPress based on their Page Rank, Alexa and Technorati Rankings. My blog is at positioned at number 10. I want to thank my readers who have made this possible. Mani karthik has also compiled a list of upcoming Tech Bloggers in India. Here my blog was ranked at Number 1.

This blog has come a long way. While I have slowed down a bit on the posting frequency I will continue to post quality content. If any of you would like to do a guest post here on my blog do let me know what you are going to blog about and use the contact form to contact me.

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Congrats buddy! keep those accolades coming!

Congrats man!

I really appreciate the help.

Thanks everyone :D

congrats, man. you definately deserve it

Congratulations and celebrations… =P! All the best dude!!