Top Ten Popular and Useful WordPress Plugins

WordPress is one of the best and most popular blogging platforms. It has a huge community with a large number of Free themes and plugins available. While is provides most of the features out of the box some extra plugins are needed to enhance wordpress. I have listed below some of the Most Popular wordpress plugins.

I am not listing Akismet since it comes preloaded with WordPress.

1. Ultimate Tag Warrior

The first is Ultimate Tag Warrior. If you do not wish to clutter your wordpress categories and provide a tagging system into your WordPress blog then you should be using Ultimate tag warrior. Also it helps to increase the Search Engine optimization of your blog. It also has a number of cool visual formats in which you can display your Tags such as Tag Clouds and vertical Graphs, weighted graphs. Check my Sitemap to see the effects.

2. WordPress Database Backup

Till WordPress 2.0 this plugin used to come bundled with wordpress for some reason (I guess in favour of the XML Importer and Exporter which I find to be broken and doesn’t function well half the time) it has been taken out. apart from backing up your WordPress Database you can also automate it to email it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

3. Subscribe To Comments

This is a useful plugin which lets your blog reader subscribe to a particular blog post via email.

4. WP-EMail

This plugin will allow your blog reader to send a link to your article to a friend who might be intrested in reading the Post or article.

5. Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form

Its always good to have a formal contact page link where someone can contact you directly instead of posting a comment on your blog. This Plugin gives you a fully featured contact form that you can customise it has a lot of security features inbuilt to prevent spamming and abuse of the contact form.

6. Popularity Contest

This plugins helps to keep track of the most popular posts on your blog and to display it where ever you please. It also shows a Ranking on each post showing how popular the particular post is compared to the most popular post on your blog.

7. Google Sitemaps

Generates a Sitemap of your website. Helpful for search engines to index and discover all the WebPages and links found on your website.

8. Related Posts

Another great Plugin which will show related posts to a certain post.

9. Landing sites

When visitors reach your blog through search engines this plugin that will show related post based on the keywords and search terms that they used when the landed on your blog.

10. SEO Title Tag

Gives you better and more fine grained control over the Title of each of your blog posts.

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