Top Firefox Extensions and Plugins you should Know.

One of reasons for the popularity of Firefox is its extensibility. If you are a Firefox user you know that there are a huge number of extensions available to suit every possible need. But some Extensions are extremely Popular and useful and every user needs to know about them.

Most Popular Extensions

1. ADblock and ADblock Filterset.G Updater

Every Firefox user should know about these two plugins. ADblock is a very useful Extension which can block every kind of ads shown on web pages on the internet. Adblock combined with the ADblock Filterset.G Updater which is another extension that Provides a set of predefined Filters for ADblock Extension and Updates the filters automatically. Not only do these extensions block ads but they help to reduce the time load of web pages and improve the usability and browsing experience of users.

2. FlashGot And DownloadThemAll

These are two separate Extensions which act as advanced Download Managers. Even though Firefox has an inbuilt Download manager it is not sufficient if you use it for downloading large files or if you would like to pause/resume the downloading at some other time. You can install either of these two extensions. They give you better control over your downloads and make downloading faster.

3. IE Tab

Unfortunately not all website function correctly on the Firefox Browser. Some Websites may render incorrectly and break up or hang if they are not viewed in Internet Explorer. Using this extension the web page is loaded inside Firefox using the Internet Explorer Engine with just a click without the need for opening Internet Explorer in a separate window. You can switch between the rendering engines by clicking the IE Tab Icon.

4. NoScript

If you would like to browser more securely or would like to protect your Privacy by blocking Scripts that track your behavior while surfing example web analytics and statistics Scripts that websites install on there site to track the statistics of people visiting the site. Then you should make use of the NoScript Extension. You can add sites that you frequently visit to the Allowed category.

Best Blogging Extensions

5. ScribeFire Previously called Performancing

This is one of the best Blogging Extensions for Firefox with support for a large number of blogging services like WordPress, Movable Type, B2evolution etc and XML-RPC supported API’s. It loads inside Firefox as Bottom bar and can brought up with just a click of a button. You can also configure it to Ping various Services to notify that your blog has been updated. Also there is the option to leave TrackBacks and to add Technorati tags.

6. Scrapbook

Scrapbook is a very useful tool if you want to store researched information from the web. You can Grab parts or content from a WebPage and store it like a bookmark for later reference, it will include a link to the original website so you can check back later.

7. ScreenGrab

Often you might want to capture web pages and show screenshots of the web page. This tool helps you achieve that with minimum hassle.

Top Customisation Extensions

8. GreaseMonkey and Stylish

These are two popular Extension that you can use to customize Firefox or web pages that you visit often. Both these Extensions have a huge number of scripts available online.

Top Development Extensions

9. Web developer ToolBar

One the most useful and important Web development Toolbar for Firefox. It has countless number of features that are extremly useful is your developing web pages or websites. you can use it to edit, view and inspect CSS, HTML values and form data. You can even manipulate values.

10. FireBug

Another Extremely useful tool if you want to quicken your web developement process and if you use AJAX and Javascript a lot. You can use it to edit, inspect CSS, HTML, Javascript, Debug Javascript and monitor Network activity such as page load time of various elements etc.

11. FireFTP

This is Free Cross Platform FTP program that Loads inside Firefox, so that you do not require an External Software to Upload files to your web server.

12. HTML validator

Helps to check the Validity of your Webpages. The extension is based on Tidy and OpenSP. Both algorithms were originally developed by the Web Consortium W3C. And now extended and improved by a lot of persons. Both algorithms are embedded inside Mozilla/Firefox and makes the validation locally on your machine, without sending HTML to a third party server.

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