The SilverLight Poster and more on Silverlight and Microsoft

SilverLight has launched its community site with a list of blogs and a Forum. Dare found a really cool Silverlight Poster which shows how and what the silverlight framework is built of. It shows the list of class libraries from the .Net Framework which make up silverlight. Click the picture below to see the full poster.

There have been changes to commercial API as Steve Clayton points out.

  • For basic usage, the API will always be free
  • Usage up to one million unique users is free, except for:
  • Windows Live Search is free up to 750,000 searches per months
  • Virtual Earth (Live Maps) is free up to 3 million map tiles per month
  • Silverlight video streaming is free up to 4 gig, with free unlimited streaming, and no limits on users
  • Above one million unique users, sites will have to pay 25 cents per user per year
  • For Search and Virtual Earth, sites will need to negotiate a commercial agreement with Microsoft
  • No beta services will charge for usage of the API. You will only have to pay after it leaves beta
  • Users will be averaged out per quarter, so if you have a big spike one month, you won’t have to pay for it

Source Inside Microsoft

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Dude, I love your theme. Are you posting it , so that others can use them?

Please let me if you are distributing it.

Hello @ramesh thank you, I wont be posting my theme anytime soon but in the future I do have plans of releasing it as a WordPress template. Currently I am working on a wordpress theme so keep tuned in.