The Launch and A Happy April Fool’s Day

1st of April 2007 is a new start for me. After One year of procrastination and three months of development my custom designed WordPress Theme and Blog have been launched. So why launch on April Fool’s Day? Hey if Gmail could launch on the April Fool’s day and become a major success why not this blog.

I salvaged and updated some of the best posts from my older blogs since I didn’t want to start off with a blank Blog. Now to start blogging and write some good stuff.

I’ve tried my best to create a unique layout and design while maintaining the readability and usability of the site. As you can see it went through a lot of iterations and would have gone further iterations if I hadn’t kept the deadline as the 1st of April. There are are a few more bugs that need to be ironed out a few features that I’ll eventually Implement at a later date.

Initially I started off with a dark design then eventually settled for a lighter design. Most of my time was spent in converting the design from Photoshop to XHTML/CSS, Developing the WordPress Theme was much easier compared to the Xhtml Conversion process. Ironing out Css Bugs and Making sure that it was cross browser compatible was a really headache and as usual Internet Explorer was the cause of the major problems that I faced. The FireBug and Web Developer Toolbar were a major help during the development process and saved me a lot of time.

Clazh Blog design

clazh Web design clazh Web design

clazh Web design clazh Web design

clazh Web design clazh Web design

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