The Best Way To Kill Blog Spam Forever

SPAM, Everyone hates that word. Even though my site is just over a month old I am getting about 20 to 30 spam comments everyday. So I decided enough is enough. Here are the some solutions to effectively Kill and Stop Blog Spam with minimal effort. Thomas Baekdal has an excellent article on how to stop and Kill blog Spam effectively. He has listed all the possible measures to take to stop comment spam. While some of the methods listed are too complicated I am going to list some of the methods that have worked perfectly well for me.

1. Remove the WordPress Meta Tag from your header indicating which version of wordpress you are using.

2. Remove the Powered by WordPress link in the footer of your blog.

3. Install and Activate Akismet.

4. Install The Comment Spam Stopper Plugin which asks the user a simple but obvious question or the Math Comment Spam Protection Plugin which asks the user to add two simple numbers.

5. Install the Really Simple Spam Filter, The problem with Akismet is that even though it manages to block all spam comments it consists of some really obvious spam comments that where the Really Simple Spam Filter can help you, it block the really obvious spam comments.

  • Contains 5 or more links to external sites
  • Contains [url=]example[/url] style links (since wordpress blogs don’t support bbcode style links)
  • Contains a word that matches a short list of common spam words.

If you know of some better way to avoid or Kill Blog spam without javascript or annoying the comment users let me know.

3 Responses

hey dude .. I have deactivated akismet . It put the normal comments with one link to moderation. I cant understand its behavior. Out of so many .. how come it can choose some and leave others as spam? There were lots of comments with 2 links which it left .. but couple or more comments with one link it took it as spam …

do we have to install both akismet and Comment Spam Stopper Plugin. isnt one enough??

Thats like having one Antivirus program installed on your pc. One with such task will never be enough.