The Best Of The Blog Project Three Contest

I recently participated in the Group Blogging Contest being run by Daniel. So here is my list of the useful, informative and humorous posts that I liked.


3 Reasons Why Daily Blog Tips Sucks
Top 3 Things Kermit The Frog Can Teach You About Blogging (and Life)


3 Secrets of Writing for Blogs
3 Reasons Why You Should Use Storytelling
Add Impact To Your Photos With “The Rule Of Three”


3 Trends that Shaped up the Blogosphere this Year
3 Surefire Ways to Advertise Your Blog on a Shoe String
3 Must Do Things For A New Blogger
3 Ways to Track Your Comments

Web Design / Development/ SEO

Make your WordPress blog more Search Engine friendly
3+1 Ways to Make Your Website Load Faster
3 really simple ways to speed up your blog
Top 3 Mistakes of Rookie Web Designers

7 Responses

Thanks for picking mine as one of your favourites. Glad you liked it :)

@shankar your Welcome.

Thanks Arpit for voting to my blog post.

Thanks a lot Arpit for voting me! Glad you liked my article.

Interesting set of articles my friend. Although I must say that this ’3+1′ text in the header is getting kinda cliche dont you say? ;)

Thanks a lot for nominating my post.

@Ram @ashwin @Pallab You guys are welcome.

@bentley its 3+1 cos the contest involves the number 3 hence its use as 3+1