Thank You For Being Rude :)

Blogs are dead without comments, similarly the driving force for social networks and news are user interaction and discussions. Recently while chatting with roxzen she asked my advice on how to reply to a rude comment left on her blog.

  • Do you respond to each and every comment?
  • How do you respond to Trolls?
  • How do you respond to off topic comments?
  • What do you do when people misuse comments Ex: Keyword related names with links

Here’s How I try to respond.

  • I try my best to respond to each and every comment.
  • I don’t delete Troll comments nor do I respond to them.
  • If the Troll comments require a response I am extremely polite.
  • If the Comment is off topic I may or may not respond. I don’t believe in moderating or policing over comments.
  • I delete and moderate comments which are posted for SEO benefits I don’t tolerate such comments.

Some mistakes Bloggers make are

  • Not responding to comments
  • Deleting comments you don’t agree with
  • Using rude and abusive language while replying to trolls. Remember don’t fee the Troll.

Yesterday when I came back in the evening and checked my stats, I was pleasantly surprised too see that one of my articles had made it to the front page of DIGG. I want to thank whosoever posted it to DIGG. The very first comment labelled my article as blog spam and the commenter posted a direct link to the site I had reviewed, also according to some my web-design sucks(It has been featured in a few CSS galleries, I also get 2-3 emails per week asking me to release my theme publicly) and my domain name sucks(yeah I agree with that one). While I myself would have preferred if the original site had been posted on DIGG. The reason I think the submitter submitted my article was, it had been posted on DIGG before and I assume since most Diggers have very short attention span they just glanced through it, you would have to wait about a month before you could post the same site again, next I had written a good review on why the site was useful which a lot of people found useful on how the site worked and how to use it.

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Congrats in being Dugg. :)

@bipin thanks, but I think its useless since it just a review, the article is not sticky, people are unlikely to boomark it or link back. My only hope is an increase in Rss readers.


You just gained another RSS reader here. Digg pulled me in, your design made me stay!

@jerad thanks :) I just replied to your mail.

* Do you respond to each and every comment?
- Yes I reply to each and every one of them. I’m thrilled everytime someone posts a comment and thats one of the best way of keeping your readers.
* How do you respond to Trolls?
- I’ve never experienced that yet, but depending on the comment I will reply politely and if it’s really really bad I will ignore it or in worst case delete it, if it’s extreme.
* How do you respond to off topic comments?
- I usual answer them briefly and give them a link to the related post. Some comments just doesn’t have a related post, then it’s ok with an off topic comment.
* What do you do when people misuse comments Ex: Keyword related names with links
- I would delete them.

Now let me know who didn’t like your theme and I will personally travel to his/hers house and puncture his/hers bicycle. Yes I can be that cruel ;)

@dennis Lol. I think its the Pink and the Diagonal pattern that turns off people. Only the Females like the pink. I might be changing a few things around next month i.e. if I get the time, the diagonal pattern is going to go. I am not supposed to be online its a Sunday afternoon time to rest and relax couldn’t help logging in :D

Congrats on reaching the Digg front page. And I agree with you that Digg comments are really mean and rude. Don’t bother. I like those bloggers who reply to comments :)

@shankar thanks man like I said no big deal only thing I am happy about is that my host Dreamhost handled the DIGG effect pretty well with no downtime at all.

Your blog design is mind blowing!! You must be a highly skilled professional. Wish one day I can get an excellent design like this.

@gopinath thank you, your are making me feel embarrassed. By the way all my design skills are self taught :)

This article was really good one. :-) Loved reading it. :D

Arpit, I would agree…the pink and diagnol pattern is a bit “much”. I made the same mistake thinking Maki over at DoshDosh was a woman. Other than that, you have a pretty awesome design. I like the muted pastel look and feel. It’s comforting to look at. And some of your icons are to die for. Can I hotlink to them?


(I’m kidding.)

Nice blog.

@Axil Point taken. Now if I had the time too redesign a few things :(

Arpit, you don’t need a redesign, it’s pretty cool as it is. I like the main page with the boxed approach to showing recent articles (as opposed to linear with all articles having the same width — basically most sites). It’s cool.

But the icons…can I do a Save As and use em? hehe. (Honestly, you got some cool icons. I love the Leave a Comment icon and the Give this Blog Some Love idea.)

Well done, boss, though not sure about having the latest comments in the footer. I didn’t even see them until now. I wouldn’t expect to see that in the footer area.


@axil thanks. Isn’t it funny how a few negative comments can influence you. I won’t redesign completely just a few elements.

by the way the blue Icons on top I designed myself, but the leave a comment etc in the sidebar are freely available open source Icons. I forgot which Icon collection it was, I think I got them from evaraldo’s crystal collection

“….asked my advice on how to reply to a rude comment…”

Define “rude”. Some people are just rude and that sucks. Some people point out a truth and are described as being rude. The latter sucks just as much. Honest comments should be complimented.

thank you for your help my friend. this a really useful article.