Ten Best Free Web Statistics and Analytics Packages

If your a blogger or own a website then I am sure you love to see your Web statistics. Why go for Website Statistics in the first place. If your serious about promoting your Website or blog it very important to check your web Analytics and Statistics. For one you can see who all are the people who have been visiting your webpage and where these people are i.e Country, State, City. How are these people coming to your website i.e using which search engines and what keywords or from which websites that are linking to you. What kind of operating system, screen resolution etc. And which is the most popular page or topic on your blog or website that is being visited by them. This helps to provide a basic idea of the kind of people who are visiting your website and in turn help to increase the Traffic to your website. Here are Ten of the Best Free Web Analytics and Statistics Packages and providers.

  1. Google Analytics
  2. W3counter
  3. Addfreestats
  4. StatCounter
  5. Reinvigorate
  6. FeedBurner Statistics
  7. Performancing Metrics & clicky.com
  8. MyBlogLog
  9. Crazy Egg
  10. 103Bees & Hitail
  11. Free WordPress Plugins (StatTraq , WP-SlimStat, WP-ShortStat, firestats )

Advanced Free Web Statistics and Analytics Packages

Google Analytics

Rating: 8/10

One of the best and Advanced Free Web Statistics and Analytics Package available on the internet. It provides every possible data that you could wish for. The main advantage is there is no cap on the limit of data collected by this web tool. The only drawback is the usability of the web package. Free Web Statistics and Analytics

Stuff that Google Analytics does not do.

  1. You cannot see or view the IP addresses of the visitors.
  2. What keywords were being used by Various search engine to reach my site.
  3. Next the Full referring links cannot be viewed without hacking the package.


Rating 7/10 Online demo

This is another great free Web Statistics and Analytics Package. Which provides the standard features that web packages usually provide i.e. Visits and Page Views, Feed stats, Sources, System, Browsers, Screen resolution etc. This Web Statistics package also lets you store unlimited about of stats. A good free alternative to google analytics if you find Google Analytic’s interface too complicated.

Free Web Statistics and Analytics Free Stats and Analytics


Rating: 6/10 online Demo

This is quite comparable to Google Analytics though the amount of data shown is overwhelming. And the interface is extremely cluttered.

Statistics And Analytics

Drawbacks: it Requires you to put a small web badge, link to their website.


Rating 6/10 Online Demo

One of the most Popular Free Web Statistics and Analytics Package on the internet. Even though StatCounter is very popular they have a capped limit of 100 for the logs. Which makes it useful only for low traffic websites.
Statistics And Analytics


Rating: 7/10

This is a new player in the field Currently invite only. The Data is presented is a very easy on the eye and a treat to look at. Though currently it still in a beta stage so certain feature have not been fully enabled.

Reinvigorate Free Stats and Analytics Statistics And Analytics Statistics And Analytics

Simple or Blogging Free Web Statistics and Analytics Packages

Listed below are some Free Web tools that are primarily focused on blogging platforms.

FeedBurner Statistics

Statistics And Analytics Statistics And Analytics

Performancing Metrics & Clicky

Rating: 7/10

Update: Performancing looks like a rip off of Clicky the only difference is Clicky Provides higher Storage of Stats 50,000 Page Views Per Day for Free vs the measly 1,000 page views per day by performancing.

Previously the Performancing Service had shutdown now it has relaunched and redesigned and updated the statistics Package. At one time Performancing metrics was extremely popular and did not limit or cap the amount of statistics data stored on the server. Currently the free version has a limit of 1000 page views perday which is very less. Though they claim to be better than other stats packages it remains to be seen if that is true.

Metrics Statistics And Analytics Metrics Statistics And Analytics


Rating 4/10

This Stats Tool provides the most basic statistics that are relevant only for bloggers.

Crazy Egg

Rating 7/10

This Web tool is more focused on analyzing the Clicking behavior of the user on a webpage to to find the most popular zones on a webpage. this is especially useful for optimizing you ad placement to see where the attention of the users is being directed when they are on a webpage. Again this service is not completely free and limits the amount of stats data for the free version.

Crazy Egg Statistics and Analytics Free Stats and Analytics Free Stats and Analytics

Search Engine Optimizations and Keyword analysis and statistics

103Bees & Hitail

Rating 8/10 for 103Bees

Rating 6/10 for Hitail

103bees is better than Hitail since it is a completely free service and show more usable data and statistics such as highest ranked keywords, Search Questions etc.

These are real time analysis highly focused on natural search engine traffic analytics. They provides tons of detailed statistics and in-depth information on the search terms that drive targeted traffic to your websites.

These are indispensable tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing.

Free WordPress Web Statistics and Analytics Packages

The Stats packages provided below are specify to WordPress and require you to install them as a plugin in wordpress. They are not recommened if you own a wordpress blog which gets a lot of traffic. They stats show by these packages and tools are very simple and easy to use and view.

StatTraq , WP-SlimStat, WP-ShortStat, firestats

Conclusion: One single Statistics and Analytics Packages may not be enough for you if you are a Analytics and Statistics Junkie and want to know every kind of possible Analytic data to improve your website. A combination of these various statistics packages would be a better option.

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Buen articulo.
Yo en http://www.adsltodo.es estoy utilizando:
Google Analytics
Y cada uno de ellos me soluciona distintas papeletas.

Another WordPress plugin is Counterize. Very simple and basic.

@antonio3407 I am sorry but I can’t understand what you just typed in. :( I don’t know what language it is
@jertheBear thanks for pointing this out I’ll update the Blog entry

You missed one: whos.amung.us


To add to your list of hit counters and information about them, here are the details of one you missed : GoStats.com

* Powerful web statistics reporting engine
* ALL GoStats features are completely unlocked
* You may choose to fully hide the counter or display as much web traffic data as you want
* Vistitor traffic displayed on the world map
* Min/max stats
* Custom period stats display
* High priority email response from GoStats support
* Feature rich, account management control panel
* Optional listing in the top sites list
* Comprehensive overview of the last 1000 guests

> 103bees is better than Hitail since it is a completely free service and show more usable data and statistics such as highest ranked keywords, Search Questions etc.

Really? I would be curious to hear the arguments that substantiate this claim. HitTail is completely free unless you choose to pay. HitTail’s data is more useful precisely because it is not statistics. Feel free to contact me directly for a more comprehensive explanation.

HitTail should be number one on your list.

i use awstats, allways works brilliant for me

“If your a blogger…” should be “If you’re a blogger…”

Hi, I just stumbled on to your blog. I’ve noticed that GoStats.com isn’t listed in your list. I’d be interested in seeing where it stands in your opinion. :)