Shared Hosting Sucks Moved To Dedicated Virtual

My apologies since its been a while since I posted on this blog. My real life took over my online life, hence I was unable to dedicate anytime to this blog. A number of interesting events took place over the web while I was away. Notably Apple release the new and refreshed line of Mac Book Pros that I had been waiting for. I am currently waiting for them to appear on the Apple India Store before I can purchase one.

Shared Hosting Really Sucks

I while back I recommended bluehost, since their uptime and response time is comparably better than other shared web hosting providers even better than Media Temple overrated Grid Servers. I would like to withdraw my good opinion about them, after they banned my site without giving me a reason. I had to contact tech support to ask them the reason why they had banned me. The reason they gave me turned out to be a really dumb one, according to them I had violated there TOC by posting about a security flaw in myspace and mind you this offending article is more than a year old. I knew they were just looking for a reason to ban me since my site takes up a lot of bandwidth.

Shared hosting sucks for a number of reasons.

  1. There are too many Websites crammed onto a single server.
  2. You don’t have control over the server resources and application.
  3. You are rarely given root/SSH access.
  4. Most shared hosts are slow and put restriction on your CPU Usage. My site has show the CPU exceeded error a number of time.

Since my site has grown and deserves much better. The first thing that I did was to purchase a basic Dedicated Virtual Hosting package from Media Temple. I am totally loving the huge increase in performance and response time. My Pingdom account shows that the average response time for the site has dropped below 1 sec unlike the previous 1.5 – 3 sec.

Since MT Dedicated Virtual Hosting is too expensive for me. I did a lot of research into Dedicated Virtual Hosting and finally settled on Slicehost. While I am not a Linux guru I don’t mind getting my hands dirty so currently I am busy teaching myself how to setup a Linux Box from scratch. I plan to run this site on a combination of Lighttpd, MySql, and PHP called a LLMP setup. Expect this site to load 10 times faster than before.

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Good to see you back buddy. Did those guys gave you time to take backup of your theme and data after banning ?? its kinda scaring me :(

@Kanak Bhandari yep the completely banned me. I had to ask them to give me access to backup my data. :( sucks big time.

Unfortunately people decide on hosts seeing the “unlimited” word or Bandwidth like people buy digicam on seeing megapixels.

I also moved my blog to Dedicated Virtual 3 months back. I now regret why I didn’t move my blog earlier. It was down for 3 weeks (would you believe it!) and I was also not aware of it as I was in vacation.

Try to see if you can buy in USA and ask some one to bring along. You’ll save atleast Rs 25k. If you buy with discounts, you save an additional Rs 8k and might get a free iPod. I also got my MacBook Pro in the USA with the educational discounts ($200 off and a free iPod Nano – for students and faculty) for Rs 72k whereas it costs Rs 1.05 Lac in Chennai/India.

It’s very good to see you back Arpit!

I was starting to worry about you.

Are you satisfied with SLiceHost? How much do you pay for it?

Not all shared hosts suck: one company that tries really hard to deliver a good service is WebFaction ( ). They don’t put as many people per server as other hosts so the servers tend to be faster and more stable.

Why do you want to get in India. I got the updated Macbook thru a friend of mine in the USA. But i was not aware of the educational discounts which ashwin has mentioned :(
Another option is to travel to Singapore and get it there and it still works cheaper! Sgp is tax free for tourists….

If you are looking for the customer support i would definitely say it is not worth the extra 25k which you will have to pay.

@Ashwin you are right I have come to the same conclusion no more shared hosting for me, also currently I am hunting around for someone who can get me that Macbook Pro from the US.

@dennis yeah I know its been a long time since I posted :). Currently I am still playing around with SliceHost so far it been very good. But since its unmanaged Dedicated Virtual hosting everything needs to be done from the command line, its not for people who prefer a Control panel like Cpanel or Plesk. I brought their $20 per month package.

@Ramanujam because I haven’t been able to find anyone willing to get it for me :(. I waited too long and I am really in need of the laptop.

@ Ramanujam,
Apple offers international warranty dude. Doesn’t matter if we get MBP/any Apple product in USA/Singapore. We’ll get support in India. I’ve confirmed this with the local Apple Care center here in Chennai.

@Ashwin Good to know that :)

I can promise you without a shadow of doubt that the cheapest place to buy an Apple notebook in the World is in the Siam center in Bangkok, Thailand. I got a (then) top speed 2GHz 512Mb 60Gb Macbook for £525 when the equivalent UK price was nearer £850. Naturally I also claimed the tax back when I left Thailand. Awesome.

My first post ! :)