ScribeFire 1.4.1 Released

Update: Correct the Typo is 1.4.1 not 14.1 thanks to kanak 

A new version of ScribeFire, one of the most popular blogging Extension for FireFox has been released after a long time. Most of the changes are cosmetic. Here’s the list of changes. You can download it from the Official Mozilla repository for extensions. (You might want to wait a few more hours before you download it, since the Extension has not been fully loaded and takes time to get updated on the repository)

  • Navbar is now collapsed by default
  • Rotated nav bar toggle to show direction of flyout
  • Shrunk sidebar toggle to match navbar toggle
  • Restyled publish button to be more consistent
  • Moved navbar and sidebar toggles into the top row the editor to save space
  • Categories have been relabeled as tags
  • Added confirmation to post deletion
  • Blog list now uses radio buttons
  • Added link to each blog in blog list
  • Removed “View this blog” link from bottom of editor
  • Put blogs, tags in groupboxes
  • Moved “add/edit blog” button into groupbox
  • Moved “add tag” button into groupbox
  • Fixed bug where all spaces were being encoded as
  • Added Strong, Em buttons to editor
  • Fixed blockquote button
  • Added Dutch translation

Source: ScribeFire

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