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Update: SandPress For Blogger Has been Released by zonacerebral You can see the demo here.
the Theme has been update get the latest version here.

Updated: Corrected some typos and added a few more lines and link to the demo

I am sure most you are eagerly waiting for the SandBox theme that I was developing for the SandBox theme competition. I have labelled the theme as SandPress. I spent a total of 2*5+5+5=20 hours last week designing the mockup, the mockup went through 3 major iterations I had a lot of trouble coming up with the colour scheme in the end I decided to use the default WordPress colours and go for a minimalist design, I used Everaldo’s superb GPL Icons to add some punch, then I spent another 3*5+15=30 hours this week converting the design to XHTML and CSS. The last day i.e Saturday was the worst, I had finished only 80% and I had to make sure it was cross browser compatible. In fact I have around 15-20 things in my to-do list that I yet to do and implement. Also I forgot to clean up the CSS code before sending it. So expect a update for this theme pretty soon. It was really challenging to do this since this is the first time I have tried to design using just CSS. Learning the ins and outs of the SandPress and trying to come up with solutions and workaround using just CSS was extremely challenging. I managed to learn some new CSS tricks. Ok enough of the blabbering. Here is the theme and I am supposed to leave a pingback to the sandbox blog.

The SandPress WordPress Theme

View the demo here

Download The Theme


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wow, i dig the layout, you’ve really aired it out.
can’t go wrong with a BBH color scheme ;)

that’s an interesting workflow. mine is almost never that absolute, i start with CSS layout, then go back and forth between photoshop and CSS much more often, and i do cross-browser testing as i go.

Amazing design Arpit! I only wish I were as good with Photoshop! Good luck in the competition. After seeing your design, I know you will fair well!

Beautiful design as usual Aprit. Good luck with the competition!

Awesome design, Arpit. Good luck :D

I really like this new theme Arpit…you really do put in the hours of work to your blogging projects! :)

Thank you everyone. I’ll be frank Saturday was real crazy. In fact I have around 10-15 things in my to-do list that I yet to do and implement :(. I kinda hate myself for spending only 3 weeks on the theme when I had such less time.

my work flow is not that rigid when I am coding in CSS I do sometimes go back to Photoshop to rework certain design elements. But for this template I realised I didn’t have much time so I focused on getting the CSS right cos going back to photoshop distracts me.

@Will you don’t need to be that good. The PS mockup is just to give your yourself a idea of how the theme needs to look, while coding the CSS a number of design elements can turn out to be different from the original mockup.

Wow really beautiful theme.
although the double header is a bit too big for me

now I’m very excited about more designs from this contest

Great job my friend. Amazing theme…

cool theme.. header might take too much space on a small resolution display.. Except this no other complaints.. color choice is great, and so is the sidebar layout
and the theme looks great on Safari(windows) :)

@se7enzine @navdeep and @venu thanks

I think you guys are right the header looks ok in large resolutions I didn’t check it for smaller resolutions. maybe in the next release I can reduce the size.

Dude – that is absolutely awesome! :) Insanely well designed – and good luck with winning the competition… I look forward to seeing the other designer’s offerings…

Looking at the screen shots in the forum thread you are definitely in the top 3.

Until now I’ve only seen a few that can compete with you.

Brilliant work my friend. You never stop amazing me.

Oh wait i just remembered something else that i wanted to tell you.
Where the hell is your porfolio man.Ive been telling you for ages to put all your works in one place. Lazy bum! Get that darn thingie up for chirssakes ;)

Great work Buddy!!

Wow! Arpit I love that AWESOME theme you’ve made :) I love it!

Great design buddy . All the best for the competition .

I love it, very slick, good luck in the competition!

@everyone thanks again. Do give me your suggestions lets take SandPress to the next level.

@ben What Portfolio? ;) Now when I look at some of my past work it looks kinda amateurish hence I never put them up in my portfolio. But yeah there are a few cool stuff here and there, I’ll need to polish them up before I put it online.

I love the layout but I wish it was more fluid than fixed. If I resize the browser, I get a horizontal scroll bar..

I’ve not tested much if whether the content does get pushed down or not.

One of the best i’ve seen in the competition so far – not that i have seen that many, but its a very nice contribution ;] at least top 3 i think :)

But the theme you got on atm, is still my favorit :P

One word about the theme—AWESOME!

speechless, thts all i can say !! just amazing work … gonna explore more … good work dude !!! Am kind of sure .. you are gonna win !! didnt c anything as good as this around.

It’s just… AWESOME! A very nice theme like always :D

Ah beautiful! Nice, clean and my types :)

Awesome template, but I was wondering how to get an extra tab before ‘about me’ named ‘blog’, that links to the front page and is default when entering the website?

Please help me out, I tried plugins, etc… but I think it’s in the template somewhere!

The design really pops out. Literally! Nice design. ;)

Nice theme. I liked it, I’ll give 9/10. :-)

Hi Aprit! Wow, what a great job! I love it. I’m putting a new blog on my site, and I’ve been messing around with the template a little, and I think I may be able to offer a few interesting suggestions. If you take a look at my implementation of it (I also put in the bottom of the CleanMonochrome template to expand widget placement options in the sandpress template), you’ll immediately see a few areas that might be worthwhile to tweak. Given, this is my first attempt at a blog ever and I’ve only been using WordPress for 2 days now, but I think I’m getting the hang of it…

1. UTW implementation… The styles for links require multiple line-height adjustments to get UTW tags to display ok beneath posts and in a few other places.

2. Comment Form – I had to stop using the background image and switch to a background color to fit spam protection in the comment form – it would be great if there was a way to still have a background image that looks great like the original did, but somehow broken into top, middle (content) and bottom sections so other features (a preview button for example – I just noticed your inline comment function here, for now I’ll try to implement something like that)

3. Gregarious plugin – you’ll notice that again the link styles make the display of this plugin as well as many others I’ve tried look very awkward

4. Home tab in the top navigation – I’ve tried playing with the function a little, but I haven’t had any success yet.

If you have any suggestions, I’d be super-appreciative of them! Thanks so much for creating the best Blog template I’ve seen!

@AJ Its difficult to make a cross browser Fluid design without hacking or using invalid CSS. since for the competition the CSS needed to be valid.

@Daniel you’ll have to hack a bit of PHP and css since its not possible using the default sandbox layout. I’ll try to look into this and maybe do a blog post on how to do it.

@Bernie thanks I have noted it down. next release I will support those plugins.

Everyone else thank you for your kind words.

Arpit seriously Hail You man :)

This is one the most best and smooth works of WordPress Themes I have ever seen

Really Great Work :D


GREAT job! But there are a couple issues, the icon for searching doesn’t show up in IE, the input box covers some of it (padding issues). In Firfox, STRONG words don’t come out. I think it has something to do with the resetting in the CSS. I have screenshots if you’d like…

I understand that this is still work in progress and you may already know about this – just trying to help.

@dan thanks. do send me a screenshot(use the contact form) or email me at ajacob[at]clazh[dotcom]. I’ll fix up the issues in the next release. I didn’t get time to test the theme properly hence I missed out a few things.

I’ve been looking for a 3-column theme for quite sometime and this might be the one I have been waiting for, I’ll have to try it out and see what it looks like wrapped around my content.

Hi again guys… I’m still using the theme, I’ve gotten a lot of very positive feedback about the look, and I’ve think I may have some helpful advice on some of the css issues…

Dan – to fix the css on the searchbox to get the icon to display, just reduce the width attribute on the form#searchform input#s statement in the stylesheet…..

For a quick fix for the comment form so that adding spam protection or other functionality fits, just change the background image to a background color – definitely doesn’t look as beautiful as what the maestro himself created, but if you match the color in photoshop you can keep it looking pretty good. Feel free to take a look at my implementation of it on – I’ve actually managed to implement a few extra cool things from this site, like the RSS/email/bookmark postfooter thing, which I absolutely LOVE, the bottom area of the CleanMonochrome theme with Flickr etc….
Aprit, you are a true master!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful theme with us! I like it so much, I’m going to do a post about the theme and your site.
My blog is brand new as of the beginning of this week, I invite you all to come hang out, leave comments, make suggestions on my implementation of the theme, and let me know about your blogs – I’m going to do a few posts about other blogs in addition to this one over the following weeks and months, so please bring yours to my attention:)
Thanks again A

@bernie I like how you’ve implemented the extra footer. By the way some people might mistake your site for spam site :D Xanax Valium etc he he he. You really are into drugs aren’t you ;)

You really do have a great theme here. I am keeping my eye on it for your next updates.

I assume it is okay with you if we eliminate the SandPress graphic at the top of the header?

Randa will be pissed if I win the logo contest only to see that I’ve switched themes. Might happen as I’m really digging your work.

Hey Arpit, fantastic design. I want to use this theme, but I’m running into a couple of problems (note: I’m rather new to this):

1) When you mouse over the “recent comments” in the sidebar, only some of the text is highlighted and the rest goes grey, making it unreadable. What’s the fix for that?

2) Is it possible to use my own custom header?

3) How can I remove the “SandPress” logo at the very top?

4) For some reason, the sidebars looked squished together. How do I rectify that?

5) If I use the RSS widget in the sidebar, the RSS entries appear side by side, not one under another and it looks odd.

Here’s my test site. See the points above in action.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Feel free to e-mail me if needed.

Yes I am aware that a lot of things in the sidebar are not styled properly, If you could wait for a week I’ll be fixing these bugs in the next version. You can remove the header find the Image in the image folder and delete it or find it in the css and remove the link to the image.

Awesome, thanks! I didn’t realize you were releasing an update. I’ll gladly wait :)

I love the theme….nice and clean. I am having issues with Parent Pages. I have a page that has 3 sub-pages. When you click on the page name at the top the subpage titles com up but the positioning / images are all over the place. It’s probably be a CSS thing but well outside of my skills.

The page in question is here

Thanks for a great theme.


I love your work Arpit, but I’m not any good at CSS, and I don’t want my links hilghlighted on every single post. How do I fix this?

Thank you for this theme, I’ve translated it to Spanish here

Hi Arpit, first of all, excellent work! I want to use your amazing theme in my blog, so I need a complete translation to the spanish. There is one already done, except for the small date boxes… It will be possible to get the original files (photoshop files?) si I can replicate them in spanish?

Hi, Arpit, sorry for bother you again :(
Do you send me the photoshop file? It seems I’m unable to receive it. Please let me know if it is my problem.



Thank you for this theme, its very nice, i actually use this for my local weblog.
But someone could help me ?
I just want to move the sidebar on the left and keep 2 columns instead of 3.
Someone who is familiar with CSS could tell me how to do it ? i tried to modify the file style.css but it doesnt work maybe i didnt do the right thing.

Thanks a lot

Your demo link is not working. Please fix it.

this template looks good to me. I am going to check it out …

I love your theme, but have one question. Why won’t Lightwindow, which is like Lightbox, work on the theme.

I know you are busy…But can you please tell me how to change the color of the post section. Love the theme however I would like to change it to light grey. Please . It would be a big help

Excellent theme, I really love it.

One major problem though Jacob, the image borders. I would like to have the borders for all images, but not for smilies as well. I tried editing the CSS and even declare a new class for the smilies but with no success.

Is there any way you could help me out with this one? Smilies with borders look just awful :(

hey this theme has major problem in IE 7.0 Also
see this image.. same problem in IE 7.0 also IE 6.0

I have been running SandPress for quite a while (a somewhat tweaked version), and I love it, thank you very much!

For a while, I’ve noticed errors in my http log, and I finally decided to take a peek (I know, I’m lazy). In your IE specific CSS, you refer to some PNG images which don’t exist in your 0.71 download. Here are the relevant lines:

./style.css:background: url(images/dateieday.png) no-repeat
15px 27px;}

./style.css:padding-bottom:8px; margin:10px 0;
padding-left:60px; background:url(images/dateiemonth.png)
no-repeat 15px 0}

./style.css:html>body div#content .entry-title,
html>body div#content
.entry-title{background:url(images/datemonth.png) no-repeat
15px 0;}

The files are “datemonth.png”, “dateiemonth.png” and “dateieday.png”. Are these files available for download separately?

Thanks again for a great theme!

Hi Arpit, my name is **Juanito**. I’m from Argentina.
I have a blog in wordpress and have some doubts about the custom fields of Sandpress.
How can I use this? In readme file I found some examples but not how to use them.
You can help me?
Thanks. Greetings.

Link is dead… :s “Sorry The Page Could Not Be Found”

really very very beautiful theme i am using it thanks a lot clazh

I used that theme and i have to say it is wonderfull ans usefull.It is free and beautiful theme.To change something i tried to edit css but i can’t do it.However i like it and i used it for 6 months.

This theme is very good.When i used this,i feel this like a premium theme.when i show my site to my friends they asked ‘where did you get it,is it free or not,how much did you give for it’
i was happy when they asked because they liked and i hope Arpit Jacob will be happy when you read this post.
before finish,i have to say Thanks.