SandPress 0.71 WordPress Theme Update

Update: SandPress For Blogger Has been Released by zonacerebral You can see the demo here.

The SandPress WordPress theme has been updated to Version 0.71 its has a number of minor css fixes, and a few other fixes based on user feedback. I am thinking of moving to a better host soon. My current choices are and Bluehost. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

Below is the ChangeLog. You can view the Demo Here

  • Updated To the Latest SandBox Version 0.9.7
  • Fixed 31st Date-Stamp CSS bug
  • Fixed Strong Bold text CSS Bug
  • Removed SandPress Header
  • Changes To The Menu, Smaller Font
  • Reduced Header Size (based on SmallPotatoes Feedback)
  • Search box looks much better now
  • Prettier Vista fonts for headings
  • Better Styling for the Calendar Widget
  • Added Home Link in menu
  • Max-width for images

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i’ve been using bluehost since this spring, and i’ve yet to run into any real problems (other than not being able to run habari)

Bluehost has proven to be very reliable for most people I know. Though mediatemple is somewhat more expensive than Bluehost, their features and stability are quite excellent.

So, if you are not hesitant to spend the bucks, I would recommend mediatemple.

Are we on the move again?

Hmm, i’ve been using since 2003 both for me, and the client sites i’ve been working with. Never had any problem with them at all, and i like the custom php settings you can make ;]

Whats wrong with your current host btw ?

@adam. Why wont Habari install I thought they had support for php 5 ?

I have had very good reviews about BlueHost I hardly seen anyone complain.

@Bentley yep were moving again :) I’ll let you know when we move

@Torben Well to be truthful I am currently on dreamhost right now, I haven’t had any problems with them, in fact I have even survived the DIGG Effect without a glitch. I guess its just all the negative reviews I keep reading that makes me want to change hosts.

Hey Arpit,
Congrats on winning the contest! :)
SandPress is really beautiful, have already started playing with it. ;)

Anyways, for hosting – go for Digg-Proof hosts, my preferences are Hostgator and (mt) ; I am using both and can guarentee that they are great! Bluehost is not digg-proof because of bulk server loads. if you want a money value, go for Hostgator, they are worth the cost and really great uptimes and services. :)

How do I go about removing the blue strip in the header and replaceing it with an image?

Hi there! This design is great! I have a question regarding the pages and page children – if you add more than a couple ‘children’, the header breaks. Is there any way to limit the number of page ‘children’ shown at the top and just show them in the sidebar instead?

@lee I’ll do a tutorial soon :) on how to replace the blog header with a Image

@stacy could you show me your blog to see what you mean?

Hi Arpit, thanks for the quick reply. The blog isn’t live yet, but I will put it up and let you know as soon as you can take a look. Feel free to email me so that I don’t take up your comments area. ;)

they have php5, and extension, but not the extension. (at least not by default). so you may need to install it yourself, or use sqlite. (neither of which i’ve been able to do). this guy seems to have gotten it, tho.

Arpit – could you email me and I will give you the information for the website? Basically the problem is sub-categories underneath the main pages at the top. When you add several pages underneath a main page, the header breaks. Thanks so much for your help! :)

Re Stacy’s comment.

Like the update better than the original. Well done.

Continuing to have the same problem with the title bar. Can’t see the need to splash the page titles in the header anyway as they are already shown in the sidebar. It would suffice to show the name of the page that is open.

Also I continue to have a problem with the display of page titles of a reasonable length in the first sidebar on all browsers except Netscape.

It would help if you reduced the font size for page titles in the side bar or widened it/them by about 20%.

A drop down list for pages with a parent would also be a good idea as in the ‘Essay’ Sandbox entry.

Finally, (in your spare time!) it would look nicer if the sidebars were linked so the bottoms line up as they expand.

Anyway it’s a great theme. Good luck as you continue to develop it.

@Stacy I sent you a mail let me know if it helps.
@Doyle some of things you said I couldn’t grasp could take some screenshots and put them on photobucket and send me the links using the contact page.

I use bluehost too and I have no strong complaints. Thanks for the update!


Excellent theme! I am a newbie to WordPress and do not know too much about php or css, but I do know enough of the basics to make alterations (and great problems subsequently).

My questions are as follows:

1) On the category pages, the title and the description show up, then the posts in that category. Can I remove the word “Archive”?

2) I would like to reproduce a similar effect on the front page (that is, having static text above the posts). I can point the front page to a static page, but then the title of that page appears in the horizontal navbar at the top, which doubles-up with the “home” link. Or, I can point the front page to a static subpage, but then it gets really ugly by putting a link below whichever page is chosen to be the parent. Or, I can insert text above the posts using the “Improved Include Page” plug-in or just plain text. Which solution would you recommend and how can I make it work for me?

3) My guess is that simply putting static text above is the best solution. How should I code this, using what css classes? (this is actually a hard questions because I cannot locate non-generated classes in the stylesheet)

4) Do you know if I can have only the posts of one category appear on the front page? (i.e. the “news” posts)

I would appreciate any help that you can offer me in solving this problems (hopefully my description is clear).

I just finished the italian translation of your theme

Hi Arpit! First off, thank you so much for this theme! I am using it on my virtual assistant blog and it’s really quite stunning. Congratulations!

I’ve tried searching around quite a bit this evening, but I haven’t been able to find anything on this tiny issue I’m having. I’m using the Share This plugin by Alex King. The plug-in is functioning fine but if you take a look at the site (the one linked to my name up there) I’m not getting the little Icon to show up next to the “Share This”

I’m know it’s probably something that needs to be tweaked in the CSS, and I’ve tried a few things…but haven’t hit on the right one yet. When you have a moment, could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

The download link and demo is not working to me, it goes to a 404 page.

The download link is not working. Thank You ^^ .

Re Stacy’s comment

I have a similar problem with page and have an example under articles header menu

it would be great if it worked something like and if you click on write with us a submenu with more pages shows up

I think pages belong in a header menu instead of getting lost in the wealth of sidebar links

I really like this theme btw; I am using ultimate tag warrior and by default the tags were huge, I edited and added a class to the CSS to make them smaller but I would like them a line or 2 below the read more tag instead of inline with it and could not figure that one out.

I’m getting closer to having a banner image instead of the default Sandpress header. See my dev site.

Things I’m stuck on:
1) Removing text only with CSS, like the site name and description. The easy way is to delete those entries in the WP admin Options page, but doing so also removes the site name from each page’s meta.

2) I’m not loving how the child pages in the menu bar turned out with my banner image in the background. I think a better look would be to have a “drop-down” look so that the menu bar doesn’t get crowded.

3) Without that text, there’s also no link back to the index page. If I could make my new banner image linked in CSS, that would be ideal.

And of course I could do all these things by change the Sandbox templates, but then that defeats the whole point of Sandbox, right?

@Rob to hide text with CSS use display:none

creating a Cross Browser Pure CSS drop down is very difficult. Unless you hack the PHP files

The link to the home page is unfortnaltly a limitation of the SandBox search for a wordpress plugin that allows you to use links for pages.

Thanks for such a fast reply, Arpit! Your tips helped. I found a plugin called Page Links To. That’s a great easy solution!

Concerning the CSS drop down, one of your competitors in the Sandbox event seems to have this working.

Arpit, take a look at my dev page now. I too the entire menu section from the Ponjong theme and pasted it over your menu section, just to see what would happen.

As you can see, the drop down functionally works. So I have hope that I can use the same techniques to make it work in your theme. :)

Hi there.

Thank you very much for this beautiful theme. No wonder it got the first prize in the comp.

I am trying to customize and add/remove some features from the theme – and perhaps make it available if people want it later perhaps.

I am trying to add some features like Twitter, Featured posts or Asides ( for posting nothing but Links, like Photomatt ).

I am a little n00b with CSS :).

Please check out my site – I added a green box with full width and 400px height.

The CONTENT box goes down, as I want, but the SIDEBAR stays up on top. How can I put it down, aligned with the CONTENT box ?

Here is the code I added

div#container {width:980px; float:left;}
div#upperdeck {width:980px; height:400px; padding:20px; background:#e4ff7a}
div#content {margin: 0 410px 0 0}

The DIV is called “upperdeck”. I would add a few more, once I figure out how to put the sidebar down, along with the content.

Once again, thank you very much for this theme.

Hi Arpit,

I love this theme!! Is there anyway I can use it with the CSS upgrade at Will you be releasing that version? Thanks :)

@Ruhi you can it easy just upload the images somewhere online and replace all the image links in the style.css with those links. Select SANDBOX 10 as your theme. then copy paste the Css into thats all. there are a few bugs though. I’ll update it sometime.

Looks nice! i was trying to change the old default theme and seems that i find one :)


Any chance you will make a new version of Sandpress that works with the 1.2 etc. version of Sandbox?

bluehost dude, i have been with 5 different host for the past two years and next week i am about to pay for another year, bluehost is cpanel is platinum too by the way

hi the themes looks really gr8 , i wish there was a header image which we could modify like one in k2 themes

hey sorry for this post here again

please fix this issue for IE 7.0 and IE 6.0 .. its not a problem in Firefox

Hi Arpit. Great theme! While I loved it right out-of-the-box, I decided to tweak it to my liking more for the sake of the exercise than because it needed it. I just made the result public on my site. I link to your site in the footer, to give you all the credit. Thanks!

Here’s the post where I describe my switch to your theme:

I cant find the Download Link ?!

Great theme Arpit! I spent some 6 hours yesterday and finally managed to edit and configure it to suit my account. I wanna ask a few things though,

1. Did you get down to doing the tutorial to teach how to replace the blue header with an image?

2. Is there any way I can increase the size of the comment box without messing things up here and there?

3. Can I somehow edit the footer to show customized text?

I’m using SandPress on Sandbox-10 in It’d be great if you could help.

Hi Arpit Im from Argentina and my english is bad.
I need your hel, I don’t any knowledge about CSS or PHP laguages but I have a blog :D. I need to know if you can give me the CSS codes for Pagenavi and tell the specific place of the file index.php I nedd to put

Thanks a lot for your help

PS1: How works the icons in the images\icons folder?

Download link is broken. Please fix it.