SandBox Themes Sneak Preview, Which are Your Favorites?

Update: The SandBox WordPress Designs went live click here to see all the designs live, you can switch themes with just a click.

Scott announced on the SandBox blog that the Live Previews and Downloads of the SandBox WordPress themes will be made available tomorrow. Meanwhile you can get a sneak preview of all the designs that have been submitted. I saw a lot of great themes, its hard to decide which one of these are the best by just looking at the Screenshots and its unfair to judge them just by looking at them. I have rounded up 10 potential winners (Note: These are just my personal choices). Drop me a comment and let me know which one you liked the best and why excluding mine. (by the way I sent them a really ugly screenshot I was in such a hurry I didn’t realise it, also I forgot to clean up and format my CSS code, I guess I could lose points for that).


by HillaryLouise Johnson


by Dean Robinson

Promised Land

by Adam Freetly


by Christian Betancourt

Moo Point

By Will Wilkins

Chocolate Vanilla

by Stephen James Broughton

Tiffany Blue

by Ia Lucero


By Robert Ellis


by Chris V.


By Shazia Mistry

12 Responses

Of those you just posted, I like Sakena and BlueBerry best. Not that the other themes are ugly or anything, it’s just that if I were to choose one for my personal blog then I would probably be going for one of those :)

@kasper I like the blueberry theme too, but it needs to tone down a bit on the contrast. sakena looks interesting wonder how it really looks like I guess we’ll know only tomorrow when they go live.

wrock-it looks cool too I need to give it a second look. I have a bad habit of skimming over dark designs.

Blueberry ! It really looks cool. So is wrock-it !

Personally, I like small header and simple color.

I vote for “Moo Point.”

I think Diurnal and BlueBerry look cool :P

I like blueberry also, the 2 side bars works best for me I reckon!

Of everything I saw – have not tried many since at the time of this post, downloads were not available for all – I like yours the best by far. As I posted on the sandbox page, the clean web 2.0 look and fantastic spacing are what caught my eye. Very similar to my current big breast blog ( that my readers love. Keep up the great work! Just wanted to drop by and say THANKS for your efforts to the community!


@everyone looks like blueberry is a big hit. @sara thanks for the kind words. expect a new release soon with bug fixes. Also I am open to suggestions.

may fav was blueberry!

I liked MooPoint and Oranges :D