PodWorks.in India’s Biggest Event on Audio & Video Podcasting

PoWorks.in is from the same team of people from the Knowledge Foundation who brought you Blogcamp, Barcamp and Proto.in. I was part of the organizing team for Blogcamp last year, it was a great experience I met a lot of interesting people (heck till that point I never realized how seriously people took blogging). I am not sure if I’ll be able to attend Podworks things have changed a lot since I quit freelancing, nowadays I don’t get to set my own schedules.

India’s Biggest Event on Audio & Video Podcasting

Date: June 9 & 10, 2007 (Saturday & Sunday)

Venue: Tidel Park Auditorium, Chennai.

Cost: Rs.200

Here are some Reasons Why you Should Come To Podworks

If all this still doesn’t convince you then maybe this picture might, its where the PodWorks party is to be held. More than the party its the people you’ll meet that will make the party even more fun. More Pics on the Podworks Blog, Click Here To Register Now on the Podworks Wiki.

What is PodWorks

PodWorks.in is a 2-day workshop styled unconference dedicated to the sharing of knowledge around new / social media (audio and video podcasting, blogging, more. It’s a successor to the extremely successful BlogCamp.in that was held in September 9 & 10.

PodWorks promises to bring the best of the podcasting/blogging/new media community together to learn, share, experience, and grow. How do we know it’ll be the best? Because *YOU* will be there.

No one at PodWorks is simply an attendee; all are participants. Making PodWorks an amazing experience is the responsibility of all of us!

You do NOT need to be a podcaster to attend a PodWorks. If you’re interested in podcasting, if you’re a listener, a blogger, a musician, an internet enthusiast, or just someone curious about podcasting and new media, then please join us — and bring a friend or colleague.

More from some of the organizers blogs.
Bothack and Syed , Ramanujam

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Long time. :D Now why don’t you just shut up with your “things have changed… bla bla” and drop by for the event… :P

Lol Man :D wait till ya start workin. Anyways I’ll be there