Plotr 0.2.0 OpenSource JavaScript Charting Library

Bas just released Plotr 0.2.0 an OpenSource JavaScript Charting Library. With some signification improvements.

  • Shadow drawing.
  • Real line charts.
  • Adding a legend.
  • Better usage of PrototypeJS.

Open Source JavaScript Charting Library
Here’s an Idea I had, there is already a really cool WordPress Plugin that lets you view your Google Analytics Statistics in your WordPress dashboard called WordPress Reports. While the WordPress Report Plugin is great I don’t like the charts it generates. I wish it had the option of drilling down into my data and also to see the data in realtime. I am a bit tired of logging into Google analytics every time to see my stats. So any WordPress Plugin developer want to steal my idea ? While I think WP-Stats Plugin by the guys is great, I find its just too basic for my needs.

4 Responses

Great idea!

mean while you can check out Firestats and counterize.

Thanks for those links Vinod I have seen those stats packages before. I prefer external Stats Packages since I dont want to put any load on my server :)

Well at least for me i dont see a problem into logging to google analytics as i normally am logged into some other service of google most of the time. But none the less i do love the way plotr displays the charts. I was actually looking for something this good, i found something really good for using polls on my site but nothing interesting for charts. This looks like something i would use. Nice find mate! :)