PipesCamp An UnConference

Both bosky and Mayank contacted me to let me know about PipesCamp a one day Unconference centered around Yahoo Pipes. It will held on December 23rd sunday, 2007 in Chennai, India. If you would like to geek out and meet interesting people be there. I would most probably be attending it, would love to meet up with people. Below is the agenda.

  1. Introduction to Yahoo! pipes
  2. History and evolution of Pipes
  3. Yahoo! pipes from a blogger’s perspective
  4. Yahoo! pipes from a developer’s perspective
  5. Experiments with pipes
  6. Workshops / Tutorials
  7. Building a community for collaborating with pipes
  8. Feature requests for Yahoo! Pipes? – api, import/export, more operators, support for 3rd party widgets?
  9. There will also be a contest running through out the day for the “Best Pipes” created / showcased at pipesCamp ,with prizes announced at the end of the day. So create times / check out the yahoo! pipes site or blog, and get started !
3 Responses

Dude, this is not right. Pipes is something that I have wanted to work on (mostly due to it’s role in Web Security), and they are conducting the Camp in Chennai. :(

p.s. Hey Arpit. I don’t receive email notifications for new comments. Your mail server configurations good?

Bipin Upadhyay » Oh that sucks, I will look into it and get back to you also if you see anymore dirty ads by Tribal Fusion let me know.

Will do that Cap’n.