Notable Free Premium WordPress Themes

Time for showcasing a few notable Free Premium Quality WordPress Themes that caught my eye. With a little a bit of creativity and extra work you could modify these themes to get yourself a free high quality theme.

LeoPress Leopard Inspired WordPress Theme

LeoPress is a free three column WordPress. The design is inspired by Mac OSX Leopard.

Download Link: Here

Preview: Here

Lemon Twist

A green coloured two column WordPress theme from farfromfearless. Theme was developed for the authors own site and later release to the public to download. The panels in the side block are collapsible, it also has a large footer in the front page to showcase your flickr images and latest posts.

Download Link: Here

Preview Demo: Here

Probama WordPress Theme

A politically inspired theme supporting Barack Obama. The home page is a two column WordPress theme with a large footer, for single posts and pages the layout switches to a single column layout. The menu supports sub pages and are shown as drop down lists.

Download Link: Here

Preview Demo: Here

Neoclassical Three Column WordPress Theme

This a clean Three column WordPress theme with great typography.

Download Link: Here

Preview Demo: Here

Massive Mobile

If you want to display your site or blog in a more user friendly way on the iPhone or PSP you can make use of this free theme.

Download Link: Here

Preview Demo: Here

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Thanks for featuring Probama, Arpit!

@Darren you are welcome.

This is really unique. I haven’t seen any of those themes before. Maybe I can refer this post to my friends that run blogs.


hey arpit,
I am curious if you’d give me your feedback on my latest changes to my rainbow feather theme or if you are able to help me with another translation.
so far I have managed to get the japanese, german, english, french, turkish and portuguese translation done.

you can check out the theme and a demo at


cool buddy i have been searching for themes for my new site and i have seen many but these look cool.

Huh… What about my applopress theme?

Free themes! thanks for sharing, they look cool :)

check my website its a free wp theme u will find the autor at the bottom of the page

Very nice templates. They do have that ‘Premium’ feel to them, thanks for sharing =D.


Very nice themes…thanks for sharing !

I am not beeing arrogant or anything but have to say that Igloo theme I’ve designed is better than all mentioned above. Still nice collection…respect;)

thnx for sharing the themes