Not Impressed With Smashing Magazine

Edit: Smashing magazine has clarified its position, see the comments below I have accepted their explanation. No hard feelings from my side. I am glad they took the trouble to respond.

I usually find articles on smashing magazine pretty interesting, they are well researched and written down this latest post is the lamest post I have seen. Looks like they are running out of ideas cos as far I can see the post is a rip off my Part 2 Top Ten best WordPress Themes. Ah well can’t complain much I started this blog only a month back can’t expect people to notice this. Though my Top Ten best WordPress Themes has been bookmarked by more than 60 people on Delicious and has managed to reach the popular page for the Tag WORDPRESS. you can see it here

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Dear friends,

I am really sorry about that, but the fact is we’ve been selecting these themes for the whole month, and it is quite interesting that many of them are the same. However, not all of them are the same. Well, we’re doing research as well as you do, so we probably have similar sources. Sorry again. And thanks for the tip in our comments.

The thing is, when more than one independent source selects the same entries, well, isn’t that just what you need to certify that one certain entry is worthy? I don’t see what is so bad about this at all. Just lay it rest and pray your decisions are the same sometime later again too. It will only serve the greater good. :3

You guys need to stop QQ about it. I don’t see what the big deal is. OMG SOMEONE ELSE THINKS THIS WORDPRESS THEME IS TEH AWESOMEST. Grow up, it’s the internet, you are not a unique and beautiful snowflake.

You not impressed because you think they ripped off your idea? I’ve seen posts like this many times before and i’m sure many before yours. People have the same ideas sometimes you know.

the short post you wrote seems more to me as a shady attempt at getting your blog some attention because of it being new rather than true disappointment in the most recent article over at smashingmagazine. Needless to say it worked but its only made you a 1-hit-wonder, who else are you gonna hate on next?

@Vitaly Thanks for the clarification I accept your explanation but since the order of the themes also seemed similar thats why I had my doubt. But I fail to understand why smashingmagazine would post such a short post about WordPress themes when most of its posts are huge.

To the rest of the guys :D welcome to my blog. All I said was that it looked like a rip off

@Arpit: well, we’ve been posting such “updates” previously – take a look at our fonts section, but also on our tag “wordpress”. If we find something useful we try present it immediately.

@Sean sorry your post was caught by Askimet as spam. You mean trying to defend my own work and research is a shady attempt? I been working on it for more than a month. But you are welcome to your opinion. I am not the kind person of person that looks to get attention using cheap stunts thats why I wrote a short post.

@vitaly lets just say there was a misunderstanding, on my part I don’t want to turn this thing into a flame war.

@Arpit: Dude you somehow have mastered the uncanny ability of raising some eyebrows.

Dude, I like your guide to the top wordpress themes but its pretty pathetic that you are laying claim that someone else is copying you. Top site reviews, top lists and these types of reviews benefit the community and if someone else provides a review with similar sites then wahts the problem. Its not like you own the right to praise certain themes over others. You have a good site so just chill and dont ruin your image by complaining like this. You’re only making smashing pages look better as they responded politely and respectfully.

@zen thanks for dropping by. I just said was not impressed and the issue was resolved. I thought it was rip off since even the order of the themes were the same, it was a misunderstanding. I run a small site here, smashing magazine is popular website, it takes a lot of effort to write and research. Its not wrong to defend yourself.

I am closing comments.

Wow, this ended up turning into a flame war.

I feel for both sides here:

For Arpit: Took the time and energy into producing a nice list of Free WP themes… would stink if someone copied and pasted then didn’t link back to clazh

For Smashing: Defending your good name, we all hope you didn’t copy n paste, but most of us are not accusing.

For the other people, lay off… he/she obviously took the time and effort into building it… it doesn’t benefit her at all to accuse anyone else of stealing her work, bc there will be people who will agree and people who will disagree and lash out.

The comments should be closed now, because they are getting no where.

In the end all I have to say: Nice list Arpit