Myspace Hack : Profile url And MySpace Email

Here is another article in my series of How to Hack MySpace, where I’ll show case various tips, tricks and method to hack MySpace Profiles, friends etc and customise and make it more applealing to get more friends.

If you have signed up for MySpace there is a little less know featured its called the MySpace Vanity Url. Basically this hack for MySpace profile lets you get a good looking URL for you MySpace Profile so that your friends and family can easily remember your MySpace Profile without the need to remember those funny looking numbers for the Profile or the need to bookmark the Profile Page. This way you can easily connect with your friends and family.

Below I have outlined step by step on how to use this Hack for the Profile url.

MySpace Hack For Profile URL

Step 1 : Goto and Login to your MySpace Account with your UserName and PassWord.

MySpace Profile PageMySpace Profile Page

Step 2 : On your MySpace Profile page on the top left corner you should see a link which says. Hello Your “MySpace UserName”, You should see the words “Pick Your MySpace URL”. Click on this link. Take a look at the picture below

Select MySpace Profile URLSelect MySpace Profile URL
Confirm MySpace Profile URLConfirm Profile URL
Confirm MySpace Profile URL 2Confirm Profile URL 2

Step 3 : Next you’ll be show a page which allows you to choose Your Myspace URL and Name, Enter the the Url of your choice into the boxes provided. And Click Submit, You’ll get two confirmation alert boxes telling you that you can never change your MySpace URL. Once you clicked both the confirmation boxs if the name you chose is available you can go to the next step else you’ll have to repeat the steps.
Note: We have a work around, you can check this article later to see How To Change Your MySpace URL

Confirm MySpace User Name Confirm MySpace User Name

Step 4 : You’ll now see a page where you need to confirm Your First and Last Name. Click Submit or Skip

MySpace Profile URLMySpace Profile URL

Step 5 : Thats it you have successfully hacked MySpace to get yourself a great looking Profile URL that you can now share with your friends. Just copy the Profile URL and send it to all your Friends.

In the next Tutorial we’ll see step by step on how to Hack MySpace to get an MySpace Email account like this

MySpace Hack For MySpace Email

Step 1 : First Open your Browser type in now enter your UserName and Password to Login to your MySpace Account. On you Profile Page click the Mail Tab that you see on the top left corner.

MySpace MailMySpace Mail

Step 2 : You’ll see a Welcome screen which says get your MySpace Email, and a Screen to choose your email ID. Enter a User name of your Choice this can be anything if the Email ID is available you can move to the next step.

MySpace Email WelcomeEmail Welcome Screen
MySpace Email Enter User NameEmail Enter User Name You want to use

Step 3 : You’ll be asked to confirm your Email. Warning you cannot change your Email ID so choose carefully, since there is no way to hack or tip to change the ID.

MySpace Email WarningEmail ID Warning, You Can't Change it

Step 4 : You can skip this step by clicking Skip or you can enter you Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Live, Rediff, Or IndiaTimes Email ID and PassWord and let your friends know about the new MySpace Email address you just got.

MySpace Email Share With FriendsShare Your MySpace Email With Friends

Step 5 : You’ll be shown a Welcome Screen

MySpace Email Successful MessageEmail Successful

Step 6 : Now you can go to your new official MySpace Email Inbox, and a welcome mail from MySpace.

MySpace Email InboxMySpace Email Inbox
MySpace Confirmation EmailYou'll get A Confirmation Email
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