My Web Design Got Ripped

I got a mail from someone named Charles that my Blog Design had been ripped. I wrote it off as hoax, but for a second I was scared that my site might have got hacked or hijacked like David Airey site recently. (Please help him by supporting him in his fight against the domain squatter).

hey just a heads up, your site got ripped. Its out in the world wide web now.

In the evening while catching up with my RSS feeds I noticed a bunch of strange links showing up in Technorati and I found a bunch of sites using my theme. Unfortunately for the ripper I am not upset, why you ask? I was going to release the theme this Christmas as a free download but was waiting for the guys to launch the WordPress marketplace. Since my theme had been approved to be listed on it when it opens up, I was asked not to make it available for download till they launched. Its been almost a month and the guys haven’t got back to me yet. The theme would have made a really good Christmas and New year gift since a huge number of people had requested and begged me to release it. If you guys can be a little more patient I’ll make it available right after the market place launches.

Currently since I haven’t released the theme it is copyrighted and using it without my permission is illegal. I will be releasing it under a GPL licence after which you are free to do whatever you wish with the theme.

As a side note can you help my friend Kanak his comments seem to be going into the spam queue any solutions?

A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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It isn’t even needed for it to be ripped. It’s 100% your fault.

you should delete the file and change permissions to folder.

You know, that really sucks. I have been using your “Clean” theme and really like it. But, welcome to the world of piracy, I guess. I have all ready noticed that some spam blogs have been plagiarizing my work, and I am only mildly irritated by it since this is just a hobby for me. Each time I see something of mine stolen, though, I get a little angry and my heart beats faster for a few minutes.

You do great work, and I expect that you get all the credit.

hey thanks for the mention. It sad that there are ppl who can just steal a design like this. But still it seemed a bit doubtful, exact design …. I wonder he scraped it somehow .. like feeds scraping ( please dont mind my poor knowledge in such case :D ) . I wish there were some ways to block these feed scrapers. Hey you mentioned you are goign to release theme for free .. But once it get released in wordpress marketplace it will surely come with a price tag isnt it ??

Everybody has access to your theme man. XD
Just write your site url then add /wp-content/themes/ and u see the link, you should chmod the folder. Anyways good luck.

like the guy above said… your just a dumbass XD

I think everyone can download your theme from the themes folder as protection is not enabled.

@Mike Thank you. I stopped bothering with Splogs a long time back I trust google to handle them.
@Halamadrid Thanks pretty stupid of me I guess

@Nirmal » Yeah I deleted the zip file. I’ll put a block on the url in the htacess too.

@kanak; It will have a price tag only for the users not for people hosted on their own domain.

I’m glad to hear that ur theme is going to be a free release soon. Awaiting for the D-Day! How many days to go :) ?

It’s really sad that some punkass kid who thinks he is slick by just following a directory structure (don’t they call those lame ass wannabe hackers script kiddies?). It’s even more lame that he would screw with you with all you have done. You have put out some pretty nice themes for free, never trying to charge anyone but this asshole thinks he has the right to steal then share your current theme. It’s idiots like that that end up making cool people who share not want to share every again.

Sadly, the silly punk kids that do things like this only do it for attention since they don’t get any love at home…or maybe too much love if you know what I mean. Is that what happened script kiddie? Did your stepdad love you a bit too much? Poor thing but at least you have all the super cool friends online now because you stole the theme arpit worked hard on and shared it online. I mean you are just a regular ol robin hood stealing from the rich and giving to the poor…oh wait, arpit already gave so much for free and even intended to give this for free. Oh well, you might not be a robin hood but I am sure you can still dress up in your tights for your stepdad.

Arpit, I have used a few of your other themes and still looking forward to the updates/upgrades for some of the others but now excited about this one too. Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for being generous and give out all those past themes for free. They really are pretty impressive for free themes. Hopefully knowing that you do help some of us that actually appreciate it and knowing that we are not all selfish little asshats with daddy problems will keep you going. Most of us really do appreciate the work and generosity. So thanks!

@sucharith it all depends on the guys once they launch the marketplace I’ll release it.

@none thanks for the support I appreciate it. I have learnt to ignore trolls. I think I’ll update my themes since I haven’t touched them since WordPress 2.3 got release.

That’s very unfortunate Arpit. You’ve definitely put in some great work into the themes, but atleast this wont happen from now. I also wanted to let you know that the comment template looks out of structure because the security question is pushing the text box out of line! ;)

Have you contacted Automattic to check whether they are still interested in using the theme now it has leaked? You will probably be waiting months rather than weeks for the marketplace to start up, so if I were you I would go ahead and release the theme as soon as possible. It’s already out there, so there’s no point trying to keep it under wraps anymore, and if you hang around indefinitely then people will just keep downloading the pirate version.

@that girl again, I haven’t because the theme that was dowloaded was a old version and plus I made a lot of changes to it when I sent it to Automattic. But yeah you are right if the marketplace doesn’t launch in another 1 months time then I’ll release it.

I feel very sorry to hear that..I’ve found you’re theme here [removed link]

@Mihai Thanks I appreciate it. I think I’ll go and post a comment there let see what happens.

fix your security hole first!!!!

please deny directory listing on u server…

feel free to contact me if u need security advice….

@teapear thanks for the help. I figured it out myself.

That Sucks that someone ripped off and downloaded your theme!!!
Btw when you would release if officially?

Wanted to know as i am booking a spot for download ;)

Hey, i did see your theme is using in many sites and is avalible everywhere on the web. I did got link to it but did not used it , and come in your site to let you know about this , I not see anyway to stop this theme now to share on the web?? better you change and release new theme ?? anyhow when will you make current theme release so i will download it ????


And arpit, check here -

Someone trying to make money off your hard work!!!

This is really sad that your design got ripped, so when are u launching it to public.

Amit, Arpit said it is something near 2nd week of Jan.. in DP forums!

I downloaded a copy of your design before realizing it was a ripoff. I would very much like to see a legitimate version posted for download. I will not use the copy being passed around the web, as the design is so unique. But I would love to modify a legitimate copy for my own us on w

Cheers and Happy New Year,

Karl A. Krogmann

hey gave you warning, but good to know you were going to go ahead and release it anyways.

Ummmmmm…….:) I just highjacked and tweaked your “luberly wondermush” SandPress theme LOL.

I loved it, its great, and I wanted to say thank you for all your work. Im a designer/developer/seo and most times use my own work or pre-mades on client request. But…..


I tweaked the css just a bit and twisted some of the colors to be a touch brighter. Beyond that its all YOU girl your AWESOME.

I had to add just a hint of green and orange but you may be only person who will ever get the subtle fireworkings i did. With your permission I will also share our combined works for free to the world is they want it.
I invited you to check the css and see i kept you and sandbox in the creds for it. Your icon set and all the extra touchs amazed me.

I hope you understand I do intend this as sincere flattery. Your skills are massive and I dont want to detract from your work just show another potential face of it.

Let me know what you think and if you say OK I’ll ask scott (yes that scott) to help put it out there. Keep being a real net citizen and thank you for being one of the good ones. :)


Mich D
Mich in the web –

let me know who jacked you and I WILL make sure there SERPS drop like rocks in the air ma’am. Not only am I the worlds fastest seo but I can also apply it in reverse fashion when people break the rules of online niceness *_*

Hey Arpit can you please tell, when are you going to release this theme publicly

Like the previous poster I am curious when you will be releasing your theme? Within a Digital Point forum post you made on Dec 30th ’07 you said it would be released in 2 weeks. It is 2 weeks now, has it been released anywhere yet? :-)

hey its a very nice design plz notify me when your design is ready for downlod i will include you in my blog if you have time review once and mail me if any changes are required
thanks & regards

I cannot wait until the Theme is released. It is truly an amazing piece of work.

I sent you an email, I hope you got it. I would love to use your theme with my WPMU install. Please contact me if you can help me out. Thank you, Dustin

You could always look at it as flattery.
It is a beautiful theme and I look forward to the release of it!!
When will it be happening?

Are yougoing to release it anytime soon I hope?

Yea a date would be great!

hey… been waiting for wordpress guys to open the marketplace to get hands on your theme.. looks like a long wait… Can you release it here by any chance?

Well..interesting read. However, you are not the first person to have landed into such a scenario. Of late another friend of mine got into a tough patch when his corporate portal images were used by someone else. Anyways, the best thing for you will be to disable directory listing and enhance your security.

I would love to use this template! CANNOT WAIT FOR RELEASE!

I love your theme and I would pay damn good $ to use it on my site.

Is your theme going to be released?

This site has really become vacant lately!

This theme was supposed to be released quite awhile ago and we’re all left commenting on a post that apparently doesn’t rate any relevance from the creator/owner. Moving on as I have no more patience left in me on this theme ever being released!

Clazh, thanks for getting everyones hopes up and then bailing on us…

I would love to use this template! CANNOT WAIT FOR RELEASE!

That really stinks. I’d rather you release it so I could pick it apart and see how you did it. On a side note, thanks for answering the how to questions I’d emailed you some months back asking how you did it.