MovableType 4 Released Does Anyone Care?

MovableType has announced that version 4 is going to be released, and that they plan to go open source with Version 4. MovableType was once the most popular Blogging Platform during 2001-2004, after which they decided to change the licensing, this didn’t go well with most of the blogger’s, and most of them switched to WordPress which at that time was still in its infancy. It reminded me of a similar fiasco, Mambo Vs Joomla, Mambo was at one time the most popular OpenSource CMS when they suddenly decided to go commercial the developers rebelled and created Joomla ever since then Mambo has been slowly dying. So what does this mean for the blogging world, nothing much since I don’t expect MoveableType to create any dent in WordPress’s armor. Jonathan Snook took it for a test drive and didn’t seem impressed.

When it comes to Commercialization of Open Source products it has to be done with care we’ve seen it fail in Mambo’s and Sugar CRM’s case. The community has to come first, and they need to feel that they are getting the full value of the product.

Currently I feel WordPress is superior to MoveableType and way more popular than MT. Just take a look at Google Trends for MoveableType and WordPress. The Traffic to and far exceeds that of Sixapart or MoveableType.

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