Microsoft’s Secret Run Office 2007 in any Browser And Kill Google Docs, Zoho

Did you know you can test drive Office 2007(Excel,word, IE 7.0 etc) from the comfort of your browser. All you required to have is JAVA and install a small Java Plugin take a look here. Unfortunately this works only in IE, but believe me it can work on any Browser that supports Java. I know this because a while back I accidentally managed to get it to run on FireFox when I realised that it was a Java Applet and that the Plugin is not really required, but a few months back Microsoft closed this loophole and made it mandatory to install the Plugin so that it works only on IE(typical of Microsoft).

(Note: you require to have Java installed also in case you are testing the office 2007 demo you’ll need to install the plugin)

But I managed to get hold of another demo of Office 2003 which runs on any browser with support for java. These are not web based application think of them as remote desktop on a browser to access these applications with minimal overhead in terms of Bandwidth and memory (Considering that office 2007 is so huge and requires a lot of memory).

Below is the full Office 2007 suite running in IE 6.0. (You can even see IE 7.0 right at the back)

Office 2003 Outlook and PowerPoint Running inside FireFox on Ubuntu.

I am sure you have heard of desktop Virtualization (Vmware, Parallels, Virtual PC 2007, XEN source, Virtual Box) using which you can run a whole Operating System in a virtual environment on your computer. I already mentioned a year back that Virtualization is the future. Its one reason why Macs have started to become more popular since you can easily run multiple OS without the need to reboot the system.The full Ubuntu Linux OS running inside a window(Vmware Player) on Windows XP.

Application Virtualization

The Company called CITRIX is behind this technology. The company was started by an Ex-IBM developer there product called the Citrix® Presentation Server™ enables Applications Virtualization. This is the same company that recently acquire XenSource.

They are currently building XenDesktop which will take application Virtualization main stream.

I can think of a couple of reasons why Microsoft doesn’t want to put too much emphasis on this technology right now.

  1. Its based on Java and Open Source Technologies.
  2. Microsoft does not own this technology.
  3. Scalability and performance Issues.
  4. The Technology is too commercialized and only one company holds a monopoly over it.
  5. Cost
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I tried the test drive too, and I was very pleased with Office 2007.

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where can i get the plugin??/does the plugin have a limit on the iles that it can open~~~~otherwise who will purchase the office suit

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