Microsoft Launches Killer RIA Say Goodbye to Flash

SilverlightYou might have noticed that the Blogsphere and Tech news is abuzz with news about the various announcements that Microsoft made regarding Silverlight at MIX ’07. I think the best explanation of what Silverlight is given in this really well written article on Techcrunch.

Here’s a brief run down from Liveside if you don’t want to visit and read the whole article.

The Mix07 keynote introduced a whole new Silverlight, turning the product from an also ran to an eye-opener. Just look at what was announced yesterday:

  • Silverlight is cross-platform, running equally well on Safari or Firefox on a Mac as Firefox on a PC, and of course on IE.
  • A single 4mb download that installs in less than 20 seconds is all you need to run Silverlight content.
  • Silverlight is a .Net technology, meaning that developers can
    write web applications in C#, VB.Net, Python, Ruby, or other languages
    of choice.
  • Since it’s .Net and compiled, Silverlight will run somewhere between “300 to 1000 times faster” than an AJAX web application.
  • Silverlight is tightly integrated with Visual Studio and
    Expression Studio, and while it’s not necessary to write Silverlight
    apps in these products, doing so means big gains in productivity, in
    end-to-end application development, and ultimately in creativity.
  • Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live offers free or low cost hosting of video content, with all the advantages of scale that Microsoft hosting can provide.

Ryan Stewart from znet has a great article on what Silverlight means for developers. I especially like Dare’s Post on why Ajax is now a endangered species. Lets face it AJAX has its limitation and we have pushed to the limit.

The Silverlight website looks really great(I am bit biased towards the color Blue) ironically it looks horrible in IE 6, but looks great on Firefox and IE7.

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