Microsoft I Want A Zune Phone

Well I never thought I would be a making a blog post praising the ZUNE. A year ago when the Zune 1 was launched it was bashed left and right by everyone. With the release of Zune 2 Microsoft has received nothing but praise. And as usual TechCrunch had the only ZUNE bashing post, talk about bias. There are a number of things Microsoft did right. Firstly they have been keenly listening to customer feedback they remodeled and redesigned the hardware and the software from scratch and the best part is, the old Zune 1 will have support for most of the new features introduced in the Zune 2 unlike Apple which has a notorious habit of dropping support for older hardware and encouraging its users to buy it newer offerings. Also they are offering DRM free music on their online store. I have given up on Nokia to come up with a iPhone Killer. Microsoft could easily come up with a Touch Screen phone to beat the iPhone.

  1. They have the technology and resources.
  2. They can learn from all the mistakes that Apple Seems to be making with the iPhone.
  3. The Windows Mobile Marketplace is already well established.
  4. Developers will find making native application far easier for a windows mobile.
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Are you serious ???? Zunephone :-O … How about checking this ??
X-pectations from MS …. No way !!! :D

Win3.1 95/98/2k/ xp / vista and now v r on our way to Win7

just give some time to the zune tooo !!!!

@AJ: You must be smoking weed again. The new zune reminds me of the last generation nano. And frankly the wi-fi thingie to me at least is just a bunch of noise.
And honestly i think the creative players are a much better deal that either apple of MS.
And a Zune phone? Sheesh…what next..Zunebook Pro? stop copying everything apple does and try something fresh for crying out loud

If zune phone runs on windows os where will get the best applications like Nokia phones have? Couple of days ago Google released Google Maps for Nokia Phone. It’s an excellent application to have on Nokia mobiles.

Beautiful blog, I just discovered it a few moments ago. May I suggest full justification however? Your blog would be much more enjoyable to read.

Jose Torres » Thanks a lot for dropping by and thanks for the suggestion I had it on my long Todo list just never got down to doing it.

naa apple iphone still rocks~~~however i like the fact that zune has bluetooth~~~why dont most apple products have bluetooth