Microsoft and Facebook Announce Partnership

Microsoft and Facebook have announced a partnership deal. This comes right after Facebook opened up its API to third party developers. The Facebook platform is already available in the new mashup tool Popfly that Microsoft announced a week back. Microsoft has also released some walkthrough videos and a Developer Toolkit for Facebook on its site. Dan Fernandez and Sean Alexander have a rundown on what has been announced so far.

  • Popfly Facebook Block: Available immediately,
    we’ve added the Facebook block which prodices access to Facebook data
    including the User Profile, Friends, Photos, Photo Albums, and Events.
  • Leverage Existing Blocks:
    You can build Facebook applications using Popfly blocks like Flickr,
    Digg, Soapbox, Twitter, Windows Live, Xbox Live, and Virtual Earth.
  • Silverlight Support:
    Another big win here is Facebook has native support for Easily build
    next generation applications using Silverlight. With 24 million users
    and 40 billion page views a month, this is a huge, huge win for getting
    native Silverlight support on Facebook
  • Visual Studio Support: The Facebook Developer Toolkit enables developers to build applications for Windows, Web, or Microsoft Office.
  • Distribution of the Facebook Developer Toolkit.
    The FDT was developed by Microsoft to wrap the Facebook API into a
    managed component. Through this component, developers now will be able
    to drag ‘n drop a Facebook component onto the component tray in Visual
    C# Express , Visual Basic Express and Visual Web Developer (for both
    Whidbey and Orcas). Users will be provided all the source code, sample
    applications including a WPF app and detail documentation.
  • Co-branded Landing Page
    on the Facebook developer website. At this site, visitors will be able
    to see Microsoft Visual Studio Express and Microsoft Popfly links.
    Additionally, a series of new pages were developed called Showcase on the Visual Studio Express site.
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Microsoft dipping its hands into everything…oh joy.

@J.T yeah Google and other small start-ups have been stealing their thunder.