Make A Custom FeedBurner Chicklet

One of the reasons why I don’t have a FeedBurner Chicklet on my blog even though I have over 200+ RSS readers is that I never like the way its been designed and it looks a bit awkward when I put it on my sidebar. I been trying to find a way to make a customized FeedBurner Chicklet using the FeedBurner Awareness API. The FeedBurner API is a way by which FeedBurner enables Third Party Applications to access the RSS stats from FeedBurner. Fortunately I came across the Feed Count WordPress Plugin which makes the job really easy. I am still in the process of coming up with a custom Chicklet badge. But if you tired of the default FeedBurner Chicklet then give this Plugin a shot. Head over to northxeast for detailed instructions on how to use and install this WordPress Plugin.

11 Responses

The default Feed button doen’t look good. This plugin will be useful, but how many themes does it support?

Your “northxeast” link is broken.

The plug-in looks good.

Yeh your link is broken. However I like the plugin and I will definitely give this a try

@nirmal I don’t think many theme support it by default but its not that Difficult to apply a little bit of CSS :D

@Terence, @DJ Thanks guys I have corrected the link :)

Thats how a designer thinks … :-) .. I never ever thought, that customization will be possible for the chicklet :-D ..

@kanak LOL welcome to my world I like to nitpick every single details of my design.

hehehe… I was much happy with the option to animate the chicklet text ..but anyway ..this will a nice option… I will also look into this aspect now.

I’m happy to know that somebody else hates that chicklet and that you appreciate my plugin! :)

hey there mapelli thanks for making the plug-in. Really appreciate it :D

Sounds like a really interesting plugin. I haven’t given the chicklet a go yet. First I have around 40 readers and secondly it isn’t (as you mention) very pretty.

Now once I find out how stylesheets work I’ll implement it.

Thanks for the heads up. Seems like an interesting plugin. I, like you, don’t particularly like the chicklet (and maybe the fact I don’t have been subscribers lol) either, so I don’t display it.